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Turkey is set to buy S400 missiles in defiance of US sanctions

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Turkey plans to buy more S400 missiles from Russia, ignoring US sanctions and threats. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan refused to back down, knowing that NATO allies would be outraged. He says only Turkey has the right to decide.

“No one will be able to talk about what kind of defense system we will buy from which country at what stage in the future,” the Turkish president said in a program called “Face the Nation” aired on US television channel CBS News on Sunday (September 26th). No one can interfere in this. Only we have the right to make these decisions.

The United States imposed sanctions on Turkey last December over its purchase of a state-of-the-art S400 defense system from Russia. This was the first time that an ally had been banned from using the CAATSA (Fighting the U.S. Opposition through Sanctions Act).

The United States has imposed sanctions on some of Turkey’s top defense officials over its purchase of Russian defense equipment and excluded the country from the F-35 program. Even then, the Turkish president did not give up. After collecting the first batch of S400s from Russia, he reached out to the second batch.

Speaking to CBS Correspondent Margaret Brennan, Erdogan explained the reason for buying the Russian defense system. He said they were not given a chance to buy US-made Patriot missile defense systems. Even after taking Crore 1.40 billion, Washington has not handed over the shipment of F-35 fighter jets.

The United States has been protesting the use of Russian-made S400 defense systems. They see this sophisticated anti-missile system as a threat to US warplanes. However, Turkey claims that the S400 can be used independently without threatening the defenses of NATO and its allies.

At the Face the Nation event, Erdogan was asked if he would buy another S400. In response, the Turkish president said, “Of course, I will buy.”

Erdogan is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 29. It is expected that there may be further discussions on this issue.

Sources: Reuters, Al Jazeera

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