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Transportation of passengers and goods on motorcycles in almost all the upazilas of Khagrachhari

Shahidul Islam, Khagrachhari: Approximately 20,000 hired motorcyclists have been employed in almost all the upazilas of Khagrachhari. That’s how it starts every morning. Their family lives on rented motorcycles in remote mountains. Alternative employment has been created in the hilly areas and financial prosperity has come to the families. More than a decade ago, they joined the profession with the dream of changing their destiny.

Although risky, many have changed their fortunes in a short time through this profession. With the passage of time, two-wheeled motorbikes have become one of the means of changing fortunes in the hills. Rental motorcyclists used to gather at various important intersections including Police Box Junction, Mahalchhari and Guimara in search of rent. Talking to hired motorcyclists, it is learned that some unemployed youths from Matiranga started transporting passengers on motorcycles in 2007 considering the commuting of people in remote hilly areas.

For more than a decade now, motorcycle passenger transport has become one of the most popular jobs for unemployed youth in the mountains. Talking to motorcyclists, it has been learned that the unemployed youths of the hills see this profession of carrying passengers on rented motorcycles as a tool to change their fortunes. Many of these motorcyclists are educated or semi-educated unemployed youth. They have chosen this profession as an alternative employment in the high-priced job market. They have also got success in this profession in the last one era. Thousands of young people in this profession are now the only source of income for their families.

Motorcyclists Sumon, Mohammad Yasin, Al Amin and Abdul Jalil told this correspondent that many of them have said goodbye to unemployment by carrying passengers on motorcycles. They are dreaming of a new day by changing their fortunes in this profession. Many have brought financial well-being to their families. Many have educated their brothers and sisters or sons and daughters by riding motorcycles. These young people said that this profession has brought them a taste of new life by freeing them from the curse of poverty. The income of this profession has been able to renovate the dilapidated house where many people used to live. Khagrachhari’s hired motorcyclists are happy with their wives, children and parents.

Going to pull the filth of the world, he became paralyzed and became the burden of the world. Many motorcyclists have also given their lives at the hands of passenger terrorists. It is learned that most of the roads in the hills are inaccessible and risky and other vehicles cannot move. On those roads, motorcyclists carry passengers to their destinations every day. Depending on the distance on the hilly road, the fare from the passengers starts from Tk 20 to Tk 200 per person. In this, their daily income is from Tk 800 to Tk 1000. The cost of oil is 150-200 rupees. The rest of the money is used to pay for the education of their families and children

Businessman Md. Abdul Munaf said that motorcycle is one of the fastest means to reach the destination on the hilly road. Even at night, any need is met by calling the motorcyclists. On a hilly road, one can easily take a patient to the hospital by motorbike rather than any other vehicle
Motorcycle Rental Demand for Training of Motorcyclists and Facilitation of Driving License
On behalf of the Drivers’ Association, he said that riding rented motorbikes has created alternative employment for 20,000 educated and poorly educated unemployed youth in the hills.

Commenting on the caution of motorcyclists, said the traffic inspector. Joynal Abedin said many of the hired motorcyclists are incompetent. As a result, many people are often paralyzed in accidents. They should drive carefully in accordance with the law so that no accidents happen. Unemployment has become a burden for us when alternative employment has been created by carrying passengers on hired motorcycles.

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