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Torture of wife for dowry Forced signature on the white (blank) stamp!

Barguna(South) Correspondent: It has been alleged that wife Jannati Akhter was beaten by her husband Saiful Musulli for a dowry of tk 2 lakh to buy land. Jannati and her father allege that her husband Saiful and her family members detained her and forcibly removed her signature on a white stamp. The injured Jannati was admitted to Amtali Upazila Health Complex on Friday morning. The incident took place at Naluabagi village in Galachipa upazila on Thursday night.

It is reported that in May last year, Janati, the teenage daughter of Salam Khan of Paschim Sonakhali village in Amtali upazila, got married to Saiful, son of Shahidul Musulli of Naluabagi village in the adjoining Galachipa upazila. During the marriage, his son-in-law Salam Khan gave his son-in-law a gold ornament and necessary furniture as a dowry. Within a few days of his marriage, his son-in-law Saiful Musulli demanded dowry from his father-in-law Salam Khan.

Arbitration meetings were held several times locally. On Thursday morning, Saiful asked his wife Jannati to bring a dowry of two lakh  takaes from her father to buy land. Jannati refused to pay the money. This enraged him and beat him severely. The beating left bloody wounds on Jannat’s eyes, face and various parts of his body. Saiful’s father Shahidul Musulli invited Bayai Salam Khan to his house at night, keeping the matter of beating Jannati a secret. After receiving the invitation, Salam Khan went to his daughter’s house that night. They went there and saw that they had beaten the girl severely. When father Salam Khan wanted to come home with his daughter, his son-in-law Saiful, son-in-law Shahidul Musulli and their associates kept him in their house. Later, they chased away Baba Salam Khan and his daughter Jannati with their signatures on the white (blank) stamp. The injured Jannati was admitted to Amtali Upazila Health Complex on Friday morning.

Injured Jannati said in a tearful voice, “My husband and mother-in-law have beaten me severely for refusing to pay two lakh takaes  for the purchase of land.” He further said that he was not betrayed by the beating and called my father by invitation and chased him away at night with his signature on a white stamp. She has been tortured for dowry since her marriage. I want justice for this incident.

Jannati’s father Salam Khan said, “Beai Shahidul Musulli invited me to his house keeping the matter of beating his daughter a secret.” He took me home and demanded a dowry of two lakh takaes . I and my daughter were caught and forcibly evicted for refusing to pay. He added that there have been at least six arbitration meetings in the last one year.

Husband Saiful Musulli denied the dowry claim on his mobile phone and admitted to keeping his signature on a white stamp, saying there was little talk. At this time, I have given a couple of charathappars in anger.

Himadri Roy, a doctor at the Amtali Upazila Health Complex, said there were signs of bloody wounds on various parts of Jannati’s eyes and body. He has been given proper treatment.

Amtali Police Station OC Mohammad Shah Alam Hawlader said he had not received any complaint. Legal action will be taken in case of complaint.

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