December 2, 2021, 3:23 pm

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Torture by spraying chilli powder on the body of a housemaid in Sylhet: Myth!

Arun Sarkar, Bureau Chief, Sylhet:

It has been alleged that a teenage housemaid in Sylhet was physically and mentally tortured by sprinkling chilli powder on her body. This has caused a commotion on the social media Facebook.

Meanwhile, after receiving the news of the incident, the police and media personnel went to the fourth floor of Firuza Manzil, House No. 11, Road No. 1, E-Block, Suburbs of the city on Wednesday noon. Then the Tulkalam shoot started. At one stage, the police rescued the tortured teenage domestic worker and brought him into police custody. Meanwhile, Shahparan police also arrested Farhana Ahmed Chowdhury, the accused wife of Mohammad Emran Hossain, director of the Sylhet divisional office of the environment department. However, another police source said that he was taken into police custody for questioning. The drama goes on for hours. Eventually, the incident took a turn for the worse. Also in Shahparan police station area.

Earlier on Wednesday afternoon, the residents of the area informed the local councilor and later the police after hearing the cries and screams of the housemaid Runa from the house. Police arrived and rescued Runa from the locked bathroom. At that time, pepper powder sprinkled on the body of the housemaid was also seen in the bathroom. Later, Runa and housewife Farhana were taken to the police station from the house around 4 pm. However, the accused Farhana Ahmed Chowdhury is the principal of Pubali Bank’s Kadamtali branch in South Surma, Sylhet. She told the media that her husband Mohammad Emran Hossain was on an expedition in Jaintapur on the day of the incident. After receiving the news of the incident, he rushed home.

Meanwhile, speculation has been created in the minds of the people about the role of the police. At the time of writing, the police had taken statements from both the parties and the accused Runa was handed over to her family and the accused Farhana was handed over to her husband. The girl was brought from Sarail Upazila a month ago.

Earlier, accused Farhana also denied the story of the fairy tale, saying that Runa has been scared since Tuesday night and says that someone is touching her. After saying the same thing in the morning, he entered the bathroom and started crying. When asked at that time, he said to give pepper. If you give pepper, that invisible thing will go away. He said, but I did not. Later he puts pepper in his own body. Farhana said he was brought from Sarail Upazila a month ago.

On the other hand, the tortured girl was repeatedly begging the police not to leave her in the house. Farhana used to torture him every week. Victim also publicly pointed out in front of the media that the teenager had marks of injuries on various parts of her body. However, after the police took him into custody, the incident took a turn for the worse. No evidence of torture was found. The housewife threatened the girl when she promised to go home. Runa has been left in the care of her family. Officer-in-charge of Shahparan (R) Police Station Syed Anisur Rahman informed the media about the matter.

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