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Throwing brickbats at the puja mandapa in Akhalia, Sylhet

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Brick bats have been thrown at a puja mandapa in Haldar Para of Akhalia in Sylhet city. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a local mosque.

Police later went to the spot and fired blank shots to disperse the attackers. On their way back to the police barricade, they attacked and vandalized several Hindu houses around the mandapa.

Two members of the puja organizing committee were injured in the attack. There is panic among the Hindus in the area.

Bhatibangla Agradut Juba Sangha organized Durga Puja at Haldarpara in Akhalia. Swapan Barman, general secretary of the association, said a group of people marched towards the mandapa from the nearby mosque after the Friday prayers. There were some more people on motorcycles in front of them.

He said that women were playing Sindur in the mandapa at that time. And we were preparing for the abandonment. After approaching the procession’s mandapa, he started throwing brickbats. However, they prevented us from entering the mandapa.

He said two people were injured in the attack.

Lawyer Debanjan Bhattacharya is a resident of this area. The assailants vandalized his house as he was returning after throwing bricks at the mandapa.

“Suddenly at noon, some people on motorcycles started throwing stones at my house,” he said. The glass of the house window and the ventilator were broken.

He said several other Hindu houses in the area were attacked.

Nazmul Huda Khan, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Jalalabad Police Station in Sylhet, said a group of people came from the mosque with a procession and threw brickbats at the mandapa. We rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control. We fired a few rounds of blank shots to disperse them.

Additional police have been deployed in the area, the OC said.

Attacks and vandalism at puja mandals in Comilla have been going on for several days on allegations of insulting the Quran Sharif.

Due to this, after the Friday prayers, protest processions came out from different mosques in Sylhet. Protesters also rallied in the city’s Court Point area.

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