December 2, 2021, 3:40 pm

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Thoughts of young people are also expected in the new year 2021

Sinthiya Sumi: The year 2020 is leaving. As one welcomes this year, one would think that the year would be so poisonous for the human race. 2020 was cut short by panic, anxiety and uncertainty. Fear of death from coronavirus remained almost throughout the year. The virus, which was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year, did not take long to spread worldwide. On February 26, the World Health Organization named the new virus Covid-19.

In 2020, the most talked about word in the world is Covid-19 or the deadly disease coronavirus. The coronavirus has crippled the world economy. The epidemic has forced half the world’s population, billions of people, to stay under house arrest for months. About 60 million people have been infected with corona.

About 17 lakh people have died. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Because now the second wave of corona is going on in the country. Every day people are being attacked, dying. The world has experienced various kinds of disasters and epidemics.

As in previous years, the people of the country and the world have witnessed a series of worries, anxieties, violence, atrocities, cruelty and bloodshed in 2020. Witnessing various events, non-receipts, ups and downs, anxieties and joys and sorrows, 2020 was lost in the womb of time. Today is the last day of the Christian year. The year will be memorable for many reasons in the international and domestic context.

Although the field of politics is not so hot this time, the tension centered on municipal elections is gradually increasing. The country has come a long way due to political stability. Promoting middle-income countries, being at the top of many South Asian countries in various fields including health, poverty reduction, per capita income growth and the success of the IT sector have taken the world by surprise.

The new sunrise of the Christian New Year 2021 will be at midnight. This New Year’s Eve will bring an end to anticipation, self-deception, undemocratic and backward tendencies in all spheres of national life. The government will eradicate militancy, drugs and terrorism and build a developing country free from war criminals.

At the same time, all anti-independence and anti-liberation activities will be stopped. May the days of fire and terror of the recent past never come back. Everyone must build resistance with strong hands. The country must move forward through self-employment in the service of the country.

As there are many failures of the old year, there are also many success records. We must continue to try to turn things around in a new way by accepting failure as an instrument of learning. There should be a mentality of identifying the weak points and avoiding them as much as possible. The successes that are there should be used more successfully for the welfare of the people.

A far-reaching plan is needed to control all crimes, including law and order, crime prevention, violence against women and children, kidnappings, robberies, cybercrime, and domestic crime. People need to be exempted from selling expired or counterfeit medicines, fake doctors, wrong treatment, doctors without degrees, unlicensed diagnostic centers, strikes by service professionals like doctors, etc. The expectation of the general public is a people-friendly environment by keeping the service providers active.

All the crimes including faults and leaks in the education system should be brought to zero. The demand for logical change in the education system and management by appointing quality and meritorious teachers. Students should be given a curriculum that is helpful in building moral character and is timely.

We have to save the youth from drug addiction. The easy availability of all kinds of horrible drugs including yaba, marijuana, phencidyl should be stopped. If we can’t protect the youth from drugs, how will the dream of digital Bangladesh be realized with drug addicted and financially youth? Bank management needs to be restored by preventing money fraud and money laundering.

To provide low interest bank loan facility, investment in the bank should be profitable and security should be ensured. Special importance should be given to protect khas land from land robbers, forest robbers, canal and haor robbers and to make arrangements for distribution among landless marginal farmers. We want to take effective steps to implement the spirit of independence by taking effective steps to curb bribery and corruption at all levels. We must be committed to liberating the nation from the scourge of poverty by eliminating all forms of inequality and anarchy.

We are always looking for something newer and better than the old thing. I accept the new. In the same way, by forgetting all the mistakes of 2020, we want to get a more beautiful and tidy year. This requires planning. Because without planning nothing can be achieved properly. So start the new year with a beautiful plan. And this plan should have some thoughts of the youth.

The expectation is that the government will start the new year with the youth in mind. We have to build a golden Bengal keeping in mind the youth. If we want to develop the country, we must move forward with the youth. Lots of jobs need to be created for the youth. The fate of unemployed youth will have to change in the new year.

May the new year be a year of blessings for the youth. The present young generation believes in deeds, not words. If you assure them, it will not work, you have to believe. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman himself, the craftsman of making Sonar Bangla, has shown in his youth how much the youth can do for the country. If we read the biography of Bangabandhu, we will know how successful the young Bangabandhu was. The present young generation also wants to succeed in the ideals of Bangabandhu.

In short, 2020 was the year of the global Corona epidemic. This epidemic has claimed the lives of countless people in the world. Has infected countless people, which is ongoing. Due to which the education system has been damaged and so on. Hopefully, by the end of the year, the discovery and application of the Covid-19 vaccine has begun.

Will come to Bangladesh soon. Bangladesh is also expected to get the vaccine at the beginning of the new year. While there is skepticism about how long it will take for vaccines to reach everyone on an equal footing, and how easily it will be available, there does not seem to be much to despair about. It is expected to be alleviated in 2021.

Author: Sinthiya Sumi, Department of History,
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology-Gopalganj.

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