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This time North Korea also fired missiles from the airport

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North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un continues to fire one missile after another. The country fired two more short-range ballistic missiles on Monday (January 17th). Two missiles were fired from an airport in the East Asian nation’s capital.

Reuters and Al Jazeera news agency quoted a report on Monday quoting the South Korean military and Japan. The East Asian nuclear-armed country conducted four missile tests this month, including the latest.

Japan’s Coast Guard says North Korea test-fired a new missile on Monday morning. They believe the missile fired by Pyongyang could be a ballistic missile.

South Korea’s military says Pyongyang fired an “unidentified missile” on Monday morning. The missile later landed on North Korea’s east coast. At the time, both countries did not immediately provide any further information.

The South Korean military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that the missiles fired Monday were linked to two short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs) and were fired from Pyongyang’s Sunan airfield.

Earlier in 2017, North Korea used the same airfield to test-fire a medium-range ballistic missile (IRBM) Hwasung-12.

Japan, meanwhile, has condemned North Korea’s missile test on Monday. Hirokazu Matsuno, the country’s chief cabinet secretary, said such tests were a threat to regional peace and security.

On January 5, the nuclear-armed country launched its first missile test of the year, launching a hypersonic missile off its east coast. Within a week, the country was testing a missile faster than sound for the second time.

Officials in South Korea and Japan say North Korea fired another unidentified missile on January 14. In less than a week, it was the third missile launch by the East Asian nation. And three days later, the country fired two missiles simultaneously on its east coast.

North Korea test-fired an anti-aircraft missile in early October last year. Earlier, the country conducted its first test of a hypersonic missile faster than sound. Pyongyang was also accused of conducting separate ballistic and cruise missile tests last September.

Many questions have been raised about how one economically disadvantaged country, such as North Korea, is conducting such tests one after another. However, several countries, including the United States, have imposed strict sanctions on North Korea for testing one nuclear weapon after another.

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