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This government does not think of hardworking people: Manna

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Dhaka :

Mahmudur Rahman Manna, the convener of the Citizens’ Unity, said that without ensuring corona vaccination for the workers, the public transport is being shut down and factories are being opened and jokes are being made with the working people. The government has put billions of people in the country at risk of infection to satisfy a particular community. He said this government was not elected by the people. They do not care about the life, death, suffering of the people.

Mahmudur Rahman Manna said this in a statement on Saturday. Protesting against the decision to reopen the factory by shutting down public transport during the lockdown, he said such a decision would push the country into a dire situation amid the rising Corona infection.

He said that after the announcement of the opening of the factory, more than half a crore workers from all over the country walked hundreds of miles, packed in small vehicles and left for Dhaka with 10 to 15 times the fare. The ferries have become a sea of ​​people. There is no place to hold sesame seeds in the crowd of people on the ferry. On the one hand, these helpless working people are suffering endlessly, on the other hand, the infection is spreading widely.

Manna said this government does not think of poor, helpless, hardworking people as people. Their only goal is to illegally seize power. They can only make people suffer by making different announcements from time to time. In a statement, he demanded that all workers return to work within the next seven days to be vaccinated.

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