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They have to do something good for the country: PM

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Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked how some economists of the country speak like Arbachin despite being knowledgeable. He said that a wise man of our country said that it is costing Rs 40,000 crore to build a railway line on the Padma Bridge. Which is not in full loan money. How to repay this loan? According to him, no one from South Bengal will take the train, they will travel by launch. This rail will not be viable.

The Prime Minister said the work of the bridge has been completed. Now they can’t talk about the bridge. Railway work is going on, it has raised questions about it. Everyone should know this guy. Because when the train starts, he should be taken by train. How do the great economists and these wise men talk like Arbachin? That is my question.

He said this while addressing a discussion meeting organized by Awami League on Bangabandhu Avenue on Wednesday (May 18) afternoon. The party’s relief and social welfare sub-committee organized the meeting on the occasion of Sheikh Hasina’s Homecoming Day. During this time, food items including sewing machines were distributed to various organizations and institutions including orphanages.

The Awami League president said that when the span of Padma bridge was installed, Khaleda Zia had said that the bridge should be paved. The Padma Bridge is being built with patches, you can’t climb there. If you climb, the bridge will collapse. Some accomplices joined him. What should they do? That should be taken to the Padma bridge and from there it should be tossed in the river Padma. And who (Dr. Yunus) has stopped the money of a bridge like Padma Bridge for the post of MD of a bank. He should also be taken to the river Padma and lifted with two dips so that he does not die. If they are educated. We have proved that Bangladesh can build its own Padma Bridge.

Sheikh Hasina said, what are we doing wrong with mega projects. They sit comfortably. And all the televisions I have made (approved) go and talk. We supply electricity, using that electricity. Today I have made Digital Bangladesh. Broadband is gone up to the union level. We have launched satellite Bangabandhu-1. It has also been talked about what will happen with the satellite with so much money? They also raised that question.

The Prime Minister further said that if they do something good for Bangladesh, it will cost them. Why? So are they still the flattering party of the Pakistani military junta? “I do not know,” he said. I have no interest in giving. But I can’t say no. The way Pakistani aggressors tortured, massacred and set fire to Bangladeshi girls. He wanted to destroy Bangladesh with terracotta policy. It is a pity that Sarmeyer’s party is still alive in Bangladesh.

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