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There is no rice in the world twice, or drug business!

Staff Reporter, Sylhet: Mobashbir, an 8-year-old sick child, was hanged in a drug case while fetching medicine at home. The child is still groaning in bed. I saw a doctor in the village but it didn’t work. In the interval of one day he became more and more ill. At one stage, his condition deteriorated and he was receiving medical treatment from Kanaighat North Bazar Forest Health Care. On June 29, 2021, like other days, my husband went to fetch the medicine for the child. Later I came to know through Lokmar that 5/6 people in civilian clothes took him away. Or 254 bottles of officer’s choice wine. He went to fetch the child’s medicine and on the way he was shown the drug!

No one in the family sacrifices except my husband. In the world of scarcity, there is no rice for two hours. On top of that, the drug business again! ‘Is there anything called law in the country? Rumana Begum, wife of Md. Abdul Quader, son of late Manufar Ali of Kalinagar village in Kanaighat upazila of Sylhet, expressed her feelings in a tearful voice to the reporter.

According to family and family sources, the family has not had the good fortune to collect thousands of rupees since the marriage. Rumana’s husband was a very simple and sociable man. When it rains a little, water enters the house through the chauni. In this situation, her husband was arrested with drugs worth more than one and a half lakh rupees. Where is the source of so much money?

Besides, it has been mentioned in the statement of case that he was staying with 254 bottles of Officer’s Choice liquor on the paved road at the corner of Bishnupur Bara Masjid in Ward 9 of Kanaighat Municipality. At that time he was arrested. Case No. 34/161 of Kanaighat police station. Mysterious but true, how is it possible for a person to carry 254 bottles of Officer’s Choice? It is clear from this that he has been framed in a conspiratorial false case. So the question remains what is the main secret of the incident? However, it was mentioned in the case that the accused Abdul Quader could not give any satisfactory answer during the operation. However, it is noteworthy that several members of the administration who were on the campaign have become witnesses on their own!

Meanwhile, two neutral witnesses mentioned in the statement were contacted more than once on their mobile phones to know about the incident. One of them received the call and said the color number. No statement was received as the other person did not receive the call.

When contacted, Kanaighat Police Station investigating officer SI Sanjit Kumar Roy said that the chargesheet of the case has already been sent to the court. There is nothing more to say. In this regard, Rumana Begum, wife of Abdul Quader, wished good luck to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina and other senior officials of the administration.

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