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There are no doctors in 11 union sub-health centers Irregularities in Mithapukur Upazila Health Complex Poor people in rural areas deprived of medical services

Amirul Kabir Sujan. Mithapukur (Rangpur): Mithapukur Upazila Health Complex is full of irregularities. The poor people of the village are being deprived of medical services due to various irregularities and negligence. There are sub-health centers in 11 out of 16 unions of the upazila. These sub-health centers were set up as part of the government’s development activities. The sub-health centers are supposed to have one medical officer, one SACMO, one pharmacist and one MLSS, but there are no doctors. As a result, the poor people of the village are being deprived of medical services. The 50-bed Mithapukur Upazila Health Complex currently has 98 per cent vacancies. Despite having the required number of doctors, the doctors of the Union Sub-Health Center are giving treatment here. That is why the issue of health protection in rural areas is under threat. Allegations of various irregularities have been leveled against the health and PP officials for such indifferent activities during the Corona disaster.

According to the allegations and sources, 98 percent of the posts of doctors in Mithapukur Upazila Health Complex have been filled. Although three doctors are on deputation, six new doctors have joined here. As a result, there is no shortage of doctors. Even then, the Upazila Health and PP Officer. Abdul Hakim is doing emergency duty in the Upazila Health Complex with the medical officers of 11 Union Sub-Health Centers. This is severely hampering the health care of the remote rural population. The doctors of the incoming sub-health center work in the health complex 3/4 days a month or week, they are taking the opportunity to practice outside the other day. On condition of anonymity, many said that doctors at most sub-health centers and SACMO were evading government responsibilities, depriving the public of medical care.

There are no sub-health centers in these 8 unions of the upazila like Payraband, Bhangni, Balarhat, Kafrikhal, Changmari and Ranipukur. However, one medical officer, one SACMO and one MLSS have been posted for these unions. Officially there is an allocation of medicines. According to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, in the sub-health centers where there is no infrastructure, there is an instruction to ensure regular medical services to the rural population by storing medicines in the rooms designated by the Union Parishad. Apart from secretly consuming the medicines allotted by these unions, there have been allegations of making the doctors on duty at the Upazila Health Complex. Rural people in remote areas are being deprived of medical services as a result of mysterious reasons given by the Health and PP Officer to the doctors of the sub-health center in the 50-bed Mithapukur Upazila Health Complex.

There are also allegations that the official jeep of the health complex is used for personal purposes. There have also been incidents where health and PP officials travel to his village home in Tangail district in government vehicles almost every month. Many locals said they had seen the scene. On the other hand, due to the negligence of the Health and PP Officer’s Office, about 200 employees received their salaries for the month of February on March 30, one month later. It is learned that some employees have not yet received their February salaries.

Upazila Health and PP officer said. Abdul Hakim said the doctors of the Union Sub-Health Center are being brought to the Upazila Health Complex as one or two doctors are on deputation. However, he denied the allocation of doctors, manpower and medicines in six unions. He declined to comment on the use of government jeeps for private purposes.

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