May 16, 2022, 6:23 am

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The young man died in his own helicopter

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The 24-year-old who dropped out of school made the helicopter with his own hands. But on Wednesday, the young man was killed by the blade of the helicopter.

The incident took place in Yavatmal district of the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Video footage of this tragic accident has also come to the fore. News from The Indian Express.

Sheikh Ismail used to do welding and fabrication work in Fulsawangi. After dropping out of eighth grade, he developed an interest in flying. He has been working on ‘Munna Helicopter’ for the last two years.

Police said the young man was hit in the head by a blade while trying to fix a mechanical fault in the helicopter. He died on the spot. The deceased was identified as Sheikh Ismail Sheikh Ibrahim. He is a motor mechanic.

Meanwhile, a video footage of the incident has also been released. It is seen that the helicopter’s wing broke just due to a mechanical fault and hit Sheikh Ismail Sheikh Ibrahim on the head. A few seconds later he was seen falling out of the helicopter. Later, the people in the vicinity rushed to the spot.

Sheikh Ismail was rushed to hospital after the accident but was pronounced dead.

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