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The wife demanded a fair trial for the four months imprisonment of an innocent day laborer due to the negligenc of the police

Md.Mahamudul Hassan, Sarsha (Jesore): Innocent day laborer named Mintu Mollah has recently been released from a Jessore court after serving four months in jail without any crime and without the cooperation of the police. He is the son of late Mohar Ali Mollah of Dighirpar village in Benapole municipality. In this shocking case, the powerful people of the society including the higher authorities of the administration are not able to properly support the children in the absence of the husband, suffering the scourge of extreme poverty and above all the injustice done to the innocent husband by sub inspector Real Wife Fahima Begum prayed.

Speaking to reporters at the Benapole Bazar Press Club on Saturday morning 13 march, Fahima told reporters that Mintu Mollah had replaced Ashraf Ali as his father’s name only matched the arrest warrant in a notorious case Benapole Port Police Station SI Shafi Ahmed Real and other members of the police arrested him on the night of November 16 year 2020. Immediately after the arrest, I informed the Benapole Port Police that my husband was innocent, but the SI handed over the husband to the court without checking the name and address of the accused due to ignorance and inconvenience.

Although my husband pleaded not guilty in court, the court sent him to jail because he could not pay the lawyer. The victim Mintu Mollah said, “After entering the jail, I pleaded not guilty in the court file.” For lack of money I had no chance to prove my innocence. During the last visit of two Deputy Secretaries of the Law Ministry to Jessore Jail on March 8, I complained to them that he was not the convicted Ashraf Ali Taking cognizance of the matter, they instructed Advocate Jannatul Ferdous, the paralegal officer of Blast, to look into the matter.

I was later released on Friday 12th March with their legal assistance. Humayun Kabir Mostafa Mintu, the co-ordinating officer of Blast’s Jessore branch, confirmed the release of Mintu Mollah and said that there had been irregularities with Mintu from the beginning The police officers who arrested Mintu, later the judges, all of them were innocent people due to negligence in their duties. We have stood by the victims and provided the highest legal assistance and will continue to do so in the future.

Shortly after Mintu’s release, the police arrested SI Masum of Benapole Port Police Station on the basis of reports in various newspapers about the car accident of an innocent person who was mistaken by the police (SI Masum)SI Safi Ahmed Real and the paper sent to the court contains his swahmar . He has nothing to do with the arrest. Benapole Port Thana Inspector Shafi Ahmed Real’s mobile phone was called more than once but he did not receive the call. The locals are worried about the imprisonment of innocent people and now there are questions in the minds of the people about the work of the police.

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