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The T20 World Cup champions will get 13 crore rupees

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The ICC, the highest governing body of cricket, has announced the prize money for the T20 World Cup. The champion team of the tournament will get 1.6 million.

Which is about 13 crore 68 lakh rupees in Bangladeshi currency. And the runners-up team will get 6 lakh dollars. Which is about 6 crore 84 lakh rupees in Bangladeshi currency.

The total prize money for the World Cup is 5.6 million. Which will be divided into 16 teams participating in the tournament. The total prize money of the World Cup in Bangladeshi currency is 47 crore 89 lakh rupees.

Two of the semi-finalists will receive 4 million each. The two teams that failed to qualify for the final will get around Tk 3.42 crore in Bangladeshi currency.

Like the 2016 World Cup, the ICC will give a bonus to the winning team that has participated in the last twelve. In 30 matches of this round, each winning team will get a total bonus of 12 lakh at Rs 40,000.

However, those who do not qualify for the last twelve have nothing to be disappointed with. The eight disqualified teams will each receive a total prize money of 560,000.

The winning teams in Round 1 will receive the same value as the last twelve. In 12 matches of this round, each winning team will get 40 thousand and a total bonus of 4 lakh 80 thousand dollars. The four teams that have been eliminated from this episode will get a total prize money of 1.8 million with Rs 40,000 each.

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