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The shining example of humanity is the Barrister Turin Afroz Foundation.

Jaldhaka(Nilphamari)Correspondent: Barrister Turin Afroz, a former prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC), is known as a busy man. From dawn to midnight, he spread the touch of his humanity to the people of the jaldhaka upazila. He is an exception when many people’s representatives are not seen in the field during the Corona(covid-19) period. Trying to stand by the poor and helpless while maintaining social distance almost every day, he founded an organization called the Barrister Turin Afroz Foundation in his own name.He has been distributing cash among the sick and rehabilitating several families in 9 unions of the upazila.Shri Gopal Ram (shoemaker) of the upazila sews shoes as part of various activities(hand to mount). Barrister Turin Afroz Foundation took charge ofAkash’streatment.

Note that, The Akash hears less in the ear. The family is in need, and a lot of money is needed for treatment, so Akash has not been treated for almost five years. This has caused more damage to the Akash. The akash has gradually become completely deaf.In an exclusive interview with The “Morning Glory”, Barrister Turin Afroz, Director of the Foundation, he said, “We are working with several units, among them are Teachers’ Union Unit, Liberation War in Consciousness, Women’s Power, Maternal and Child Health Development, E-Kama, Sanatan Sampriti Sangha, Samata Unit.” And in the coming Ramadan, Eid materials will be given to about 1,080 people in almost every union of the upazila through screening.

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