August 10, 2022, 5:18 pm

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The rush of brokers is increasing in Habiganj Sadar Hospital

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj Representative /

Due to the indifference of the authorities, the violence of the brokers in Habiganj Sadar Hospital is increasing day by day. Due to this unpleasant incidents including commotion are constantly happening with them.

There are allegations that as soon as the patient arrives at the hospital after ten, some brokers are taken to different private clinics as there is no doctor. Going there, a hefty price was taken in the name of arbitrary treatment. And the simple patients from Gramganj fall into the clutches of these brokers. Besides, some brokers are doing this under the umbrella of dishonest employees of the hospital. In return a hefty commission was taken from the private hospital. Complaints of the patient and his relatives are increasing day by day as the hospital authorities have not taken any action against them. The patient came to the hospital from Ajmeriganj at 11 pm on June 10 after suffering a heart attack. At that time a broker informed that there was no doctor in the hospital. The patient was taken to a private hospital in the court station as he had to be taken to a private hospital if he wanted to be saved. After going there, he tried to snatch a large amount of money from her. When a relative of the patient informed the leader, he came and beat the broker in the hospital. The hospital brokers fled that day. Brokers are running in such a situation.

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