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‘The ruling group has taken the people hostage through authoritarian rule in the country’

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BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said that the ruling party has taken the people hostage through authoritarian rule in the country. He said the Awami government has plunged the country into the darkness of a terrible anarchy and the whole country has now become a prison.

He made the remarks in a statement sent to the media on Wednesday (September 22nd) at noon.

Mirza Fakhrul said that even during the Corona epidemic, arrests of opposition leaders and activists and filing of cases against them by fabricating false and imaginary stories against them has become a daily occurrence.

He said Bangladesh Nationalist Chhatra Dal-Dhaka District South Branch Member Secretary Parvez Hossain Pavel Mollah and Bajitpur Upazila Swechchhasebak Dal’s organizing secretary Md. Rani Bhuiyan, Joint Convener Mostafa Ali Jahangir, Swechchhasebak Dal leader Afzal were arrested, fabricated case was filed against 35 leaders and activists of Chhatra Dal, Juba Dal and Swechchasebak Dal including BNP member secretary Monir Hossain. Not an isolated incident.

The BNP secretary general said it was a continuation of the ongoing repressive policy of the anti-people government. The government is now reckless in thwarting any peaceful program of the opposition as they are in a state of panic at every moment.

He said the current misrule in the country is trampling on the democratic right to politics. The government has resorted to such inhumane and cruel measures to divert the attention of the people to different sectors in order to cover up the failure of the state in all spheres including the Corona epidemic. But there will be no benefit in intimidating the people through these misdeeds. The people are now uniting to end all the evil deeds and cruel rule of the government.

The BNP secretary general demanded the withdrawal of fabricated and false cases against the leaders mentioned in the statement and their immediate and unconditional release.

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