April 21, 2021, 10:38 am

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The Prime Minister took charge of Khuki, a paper seller in Rajshahi

Abdul Baten Rajshahi: Recently, the video of the only female magazine seller in Rajshahi went viral and the girl from Rajshahi came to the top of the discussion. The words of his livelihood and desire have touched the hearts of the people.
The Prime Minister has said that she will take responsibility for Khuki’s future. In this regard, the Deputy Commissioner of Rajshahi said, Khukito is a burning example among the struggling women of our country. In fact, many of us think he is mentally handicapped but he is not mentally handicapped.

Because he does not reach out to anyone, nor does he beg from anyone. He earns his own living and is not greedy for his ancestral property, so I have been told by the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Office that we should accept the responsibility of the girl from the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Yesterday (November 11) the deputy commissioner himself visited the girl’s house and instructed her to fix the house.

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