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The pressure of passengers returning to Dhaka is increasing on the Daulatdia-Paturia route

Sheikh Momin, Goalanda (Rajbari): The pressure of Dhaka Fetar passengers is increasing on the important Daulatdia-Paturia route, which is famous as the gateway to South Bengal. Despite the government-imposed lockdown, there is pressure from homeless people on the outskirts of Daulatdia. Every ferry that leaves Paturia around noon on Sunday (July 11) has an emergency ambulance and freight trucks and passengers. However, the passengers on the ferry do not follow the health rules or social distance. It can be seen that another person is standing in a huddle, rubbing his wound.
Passengers on the Daulatdia-Paturia route are under increasing risk of contracting the corona virus without heeding the government’s announced lockdown. Passengers returning to Dhaka. Helal said, “I used to work as a carpenter in Dhaka. Due to the lockdown, everything has stopped.” Now what am I going to do from Dhaka and just a few days after Eid-ul-Adha, I am renting an extra car and going to Magura. Ruma Akhter, a passenger returning to Dhaka, said, “We all live in Dhaka with our families.” My husband runs a tin business in Dhaka. Business closed due to lockdown. So I thought I would have to go home for Eid, so I left earlier. So I am going to Kushtia in a Mahindra three wheeler with extra fare.
BIWTC Daulatdia Ghat Manager. Sihab Uddin said that 3 small ferries and 5 big ferries are operating on this route with a total of 8 ferries as per the instructions of the higher authorities. However, ambulances and trucks carrying emergency services and some private vehicles are being used. However, the pressure of passengers returning to Dhaka on this route is increasing.

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