October 25, 2021, 11:03 am

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The people of 25 villages are in dire straits, there is no place to bury the dead

James Abdur Rahim Rana: Heavy rains have caused severe waterlogging in Monirampur, Jessore. Water has seeped into the yard, even into the living room. At least 2,000 families from 20-25 villages in some unions in the eastern part of the upazila have been flooded. Water has risen in educational institutions including roads.
People cannot go out of the house because of water. Many are starving to death. Relatives are not even getting a little dry soil for burying the dead in waterlogging.

Recently, a housewife named Saraswati Roy (20) died when she slipped while fetching water from a tubewell in a waterlogged yard in Panchkatia village of the upazila. She is the wife of Palash Roy, a day laborer of the village. He died on the way to Abhaynagar Upazila Health Complex at noon on Tuesday (October 5).

On the same morning, Yaqub Ali of Bayarkhola village of Manoharpur Union died of old age. His relatives could not bury him as he was kneeling in the graveyard. Later, his burial was arranged by enclosing water with sandbags. Manoharpur UP Chairman Master Md. Mashiur Rahman confirmed this information.
Chairman Master Md. Mashiur Rahman said that about two and a half hundred houses in four villages of Manoharpur Union have been flooded due to the floods. Many people have stopped cooking and eating because of the rising water in the kitchen.

Bhavadaha is a place of natural beauty. It is surrounded by water and water. Thousands of houses in Haridaskati, Kultia, Nehalpur, Manoharpur and Durbadanga Unions of Monirampur have been submerged due to non-removal of water through the sluice gate of Shri Nadir in Bhabdaha for the last few years. There is no current in the sediment accumulation in Sri river. Hundreds of crores of rupees have been spent on dredging the river but it has not worked. The Water Development Board has been working for several months to install irrigation pumps at Sluicegate. That didn’t work either.

Even in the current season, at the beginning of the monsoon, water started rising in Hatgachha, Sujatpur and Bajekultia villages of Kultia Union. One by one, thousands of families were flooded in Alipore, Poradang, Bagdang, Dahkula and Paryali of the union.
Hundreds of houses in Nebugati, Kuchalia, Panchkatia and Bhulbaria of Haridaskati Union have been flooded due to recent rains.

The water rose in about 230 houses in two wards of Bhabanipur, Bayarkhola, Rozipur and Kapalia villages of Manoharpur union. Waterlogging has affected 50 houses in Kaziyara, Dattakona, Biprokona and Jhikardanga of Durbadanga Union. There is also water in the courtyards of 20-25 educational institutions.

Thousands of people in these areas are living inhumane lives due to rising water in the yard of their homes. Many people have built bridges in their backyards. Despite such a situation for some time, no one came forward to help the distressed people.

Azharul Islam of Biprakona village said, “I drive a van and eat. I can’t get out of the house as there is knee water in the yard. He is not getting enough food at three o’clock. ‘Pranab Kumar, a UP member from Ward 9 of Haridaskati Union, said the Mukteshwari River, which flows through the village, merged with the Shri River in Bhavdaha. The water of Mukteshwari river and the water of the village have become equal as the water is not removed through the sluice gate of Bhavdaha. The water is not moving in any direction. One and a half feet of water is frozen in the house.

Monirampur Upazila Parishad Chairman Nazma Khanam said, “I have recently visited Bajekultia area. Water has risen in the homes of many people there. I will provide relief to the waterlogged areas quickly.

Tauhidul Islam, executive engineer of Jessore Water Development Board, said waterlogging in Bhabdaha is a long-standing phenomenon. This problem will not be solved until any sustainable water removal project is implemented. He said that water is coming out little by little through Bhavdah sluicegate. It can take up to a month for waterlogging to subside.

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