October 20, 2021, 12:25 am

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The Names And Pictures Of The Criminals Are Being Posted At Habiganj Sadar Police Station

Mir Jamal Habiganj: Habiganj Sadar Model Police Station has taken painstaking initiative so that ordinary people can identify the culprits. Pictures of convicted and notorious criminals are being pasted by placing boards on the wall in front of the duty officer’s room.

The activities have started on Friday by posting the names and pictures of several criminals. The names and pictures of the rest of the accused will be posted in stages.

Civil society has applauded this initiative.

Sadar police chief said. Masuk Ali said that the people who came to the police station knew the criminals and the pictures were being taken with the intention that the criminals would come out of the criminal world out of social shame. These activities will continue. The pictures and names of the top criminals of the district will be affixed in it.

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