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The mountains are laughing at the golden zoom

Masud Rana Joy: The bumper crop of Jumdhan has made the farmers in the green hills feel the tide of joy. That is why the hill jumiaras are now busy harvesting zum. Although some crops are harvested throughout the year, now is the time to harvest zoom paddy.
.Compared to the last few years, the Jumdhan yield has been quite good this time. The ripe golden zoom paddy is now smiling green hills. Farmers are hoping for better yields. However, the fertility of the soil is decreasing with the passage of time. As a result, the use of fertilizer is increasing in Zoom now. So day by day the zoom cultivation in the hills is decreasing.
Although the traditional ‘Jumchash’ cultivation method of the hill tribes of the Chittagong Hill Tracts is still prevalent, it has started to change over time. Although the Jumias of the marginalized people of the hills traditionally depend on Jum cultivation for their livelihood.
In the pursuit of life, the jum farmers have grown various crops including paddy, maize, kakon and marfa in the hills. At present, rice is being harvested in Zuma. Due to favorable rains and favorable weather conditions, farmers are now busy harvesting and harvesting paddy in the hilly villages with good yields.
Hira Devi, a zoom farmer in Alutila area, said, “We are dependent on zoom farming. After years of hard work, now is the time to harvest at home. This year’s yield has been better than last year’s. However, due to the fertility of the soil, fertilizer should not be used, but now it is necessary to apply fertilizer in Zuma.
Farmers are getting such yield due to modern method of zoom cultivation. This is because the use of fertilizer is increasing in the Zoom hills due to soil erosion and declining fertility. .Earlier, zoom was cultivated on one hill for many years, but due to increasing population and decrease in the number of zoom hills, zoom cultivation is now being done on the same hill every year.
However, the modern method of zoom farming has changed the type of farming. .He said that it is possible to produce crops on the same land again and again every year using moderate fertilizer.
Nab Jyoti Tripura, a zoom farmer, said, “There was a time when zoom was cultivated in one hill and zoom in another. But now people are growing, settlements are growing. .So the zoom space is decreasing. Now I have to cultivate zoom in the same place every year.
On the other hand, Bangladesh Krishi Foundation is doing research to find a way of sustainable and more productive jum cultivation in a scientific way. .This study explores the possibility of jum cultivation on the same land every year mainly through moderate use of fertilizers and pesticides. In the last four years of research, scientists and agriculturists have seen success in Khagrachhari and Bandarban. Inspired zoom farmers too.
This year, zoom has been cultivated in 1,910 hectares of land in the district. From where the production target level of 290 metric tons has been captured. Mortuza Ali, Deputy Director, Khagrachhari Agricultural Extension Department, said that zoom is mainly produced from local varieties.
However, Bangladesh Atomic Institute has developed Bina Dhan-19 and Bina Dhan-21. Which is giving better yield than the local variety. Also Biri Dhan-63 and China. Here also the yield is better than the local variety.
Munshi Rashid Ahmed, chief scientific officer of the Khagrachhari Agricultural Research Institute, said modern varieties are producing about one and a half times more than local varieties. .If we can spread the seeds of the new varieties among the farmers in sufficient quantity, then we will see more profit by using high yielding varieties outside the local varieties. Their financial situation will improve.
Agronomists and agronomists believe that if research knowledge can be disseminated at the field level in the future, it will revolutionize the cultivation of mountain zoom and play a role in changing the socio-economic condition of zoomies.

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