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The main work of NID will be in Agargaon

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The main activities of National Identity Card (NID) will be in Agargaon. However, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said the security services department of the home ministry would only monitor. He told reporters after a law and order meeting on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha in the conference room of the home ministry on Thursday (June 24).

Asked if the National Identity Card (NID) activities would be taken over by the Home Ministry, the Home Minister said the main work of the NID would be on that side (in Agargaon). There will be monitoring from here (Ministry of Home Affairs). Many people are debating about NID. This is one such thing, it takes NID to open a bank account, it takes NID on a mobile, it takes NID to identify.

Asked when the activities of NID would come to the Home Ministry, the Home Minister said, “This is another matter.” Only officially decided. It will take a long time. Our ministry will start working through a system.

Earlier on Wednesday, the home minister had said that even if the NID service came under the purview of the home ministry, there would be no complications. For this, the opinion of others has been taken along with the advice of experts. They also gave a positive opinion. Now what is being said about NID is mere nonsense. The government is knowingly bringing the NID service under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The government decided to hand over the responsibility of providing all the services related to the national identity card from the Election Commission to the Security Services Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Recently, the Prime Minister’s Office has directed the Cabinet Division to take action in this regard.

The letter from the Prime Minister’s Office said that the NID activities could be given to the Department of Security Services under the Ministry of Home Affairs in the light of the examples of different countries as it is included in the responsibilities of the executive branch. Necessary amendments to the National Identity Registration Act-2010 can be made for this process. The word ‘Election Commission’ can be replaced by ‘Government’. Arrangements can be made to transfer the existing infrastructure and manpower to the security services department. Later, the cabinet department took action in this regard. It is learned that the instructions have already reached the Home Ministry.

A self-contained NID department was created in 2010 after the National Identity Registration Act was passed. The issue of NID cards with photographs was started in 2007-08 as part of the voter list update in the country.

Responsibility for NID registration activities goes from the Election Commission (EC) to the Security Services Division of the Home Ministry. The Cabinet Division sent a letter to the Election Commission on June 20 clarifying the matter. Earlier, the EC had sent a letter to the Cabinet Division arguing that it would retain the responsibility of providing NID services.

Earlier, on May 17, a letter was sent to the Cabinet Division from the Prime Minister’s Office informing of the decision to transfer the National Identity Registration Program from the Election Commission to the Security Services Department. However, Election Commission officials are still discussing the transfer of NID activities to the Home Ministry.

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