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The main problem of the EC is Mahbub Talukder: Quader

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Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader expressed surprise at the statement of Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder that the Election Commission is suffering from some complex diseases and a medical board should be formed to save him.

He expressed his surprise at the opening ceremony of a party conference at the Soochna Community Center in the capital on Monday (October 11th).

Obaidul Quader said, ‘It is surprising that Mahbub Talukder, the commissioner of the constitutional body Election Commission, is making political statements on behalf of a party; It seems that it is not the EC – he himself is suffering from a complex and difficult mental illness. He is the main problem of the current EC. ‘

Claiming that BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir woke up every day and called for a movement, Minister Obaidul Quader said, “But the BNP is six hours behind us.” Because our leader woke up at 5 in the morning. No one from BNP could be found before 12 noon. Gives statements late at night, not in the evening. They are the party of darkness; They like to work in the dark. ‘

Claiming that the BNP is now sounding the alarm of separation, Quader said, “One by one the leaders are leaving the party. Their 20-party alliance has also seen the sad tone of disintegration. So the BNP itself is getting divided. Now I hear that the committee will sit at home without holding a central conference. There is no conference in this team. There is no democracy in their own home, how can they make democracy in the country? ‘

Inaugurating the conference, the general secretary of the Awami League said, how many complaints come. Stained terrorists, extortionists, land robbers, identified drug dealers. You should not be included in such controversial, mischievous groups. Don’t drag bad people to raise your own people. The bad guys are the cuckoos of spring. Can’t be found even with a thousand power lamps in bad times. Only the pure and the sacrificial will be in the field in bad times. The more good people come to Awami League, the stronger we will be.

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