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The jackfruit of Sakhipur is going all over the country including the capital

 Aminul Islam, Sakhipur (Tangail): Vast village, where the eye falls on the ceremony of the jackfruit. The sweet smell of jackfruit is spreading all around. Sometimes crows and sometimes squirrels are stinging on the ripe jackfruit hanging from the trees. The cells are picking up holes in the body of the jackfruit. This picture is in every village of Sakhipur in Tangail. Jackfruits from these places are going to different places of the country including the capital Dhaka.

Now the jackfruit of Sakhipur is in the market, so the jackfruit economy of this upazila is quite strong now. The next 3 months will be busy in the trade of this delicious fruit. The image of the whole upazila changes during the jackfruit season. People’s standard of living also changes. So now the traders and workers are spending their busy time here. They do not have the breath to breathe. Due to the good weather, the jackfruit has yielded well this time.

As a result, jackfruit growers and traders are expecting a jackfruit business worth lakhs of rupees this season. According to the Upazila Agriculture Office, jackfruit is grown on about 720 hectares of land in the upazila. The amount of jackfruit trees is about 2 lakh 52 thousand. The production amount is about 25 lakh 20 thousand pitches. About 10 crore jackfruits are sold every season. Jackfruit stalls are set up at Kutubpur, Barachona, Kachua, Nalua, Bashtail, Taktarchala, Mahanandapur and several other places in the upazila. Households in remote areas bring jackfruits in vans, wheelbarrows, autos and tempos for sale. Millions of rupees worth of jackfruits are exchanged in these markets every day.

The aroma of jackfruit is present in the air of this region in the full season. From Kutubpur Bazar alone, 40 to 50 trucks of jackfruits are sent to different parts of the country including the capital every week this season. However, local farmers said that even after nearly three decades, no cold storage has been set up in Sakhipur to store jackfruit. As a result, millions of rupees are wasted every year due to lack of conservation. It is important for the farmers to set up a cold storage here to store the jackfruit to get a fair price for the hard-earned jackfruit. It is known in various villages of Surajmin upazila that jackfruit is a rare cash crop for the farmers of the upazila.

There are more than one lakh jackfruit trees under trade in 1 municipality and 6 unions of this upazila. Besides, there are jackfruit trees in almost every house in the upazila. Numerous jackfruit trees can be seen in the school-madrasa space. Lots of jackfruits are grown in the backyard. Md. Bashir Uddin, a jackfruit trader from Ichadighi village, said there is a huge demand for jackfruit in Sakhipur. Every day, jackfruits go to different places of the country including Dhaka, Comilla, Noakhali, Sylhet, Laxmipur, Sunamganj, Munshiganj, Brahmanbaria, Chandpur.

Upazila Health Complex Medical Officer. Masood Rana said that jackfruit contains a lot of vinamate A and C. The seeds contain sugars, proteins and fats. In addition to fruits, jackfruit seeds are a very delicacy. Upazila Deputy Assistant Plant Protection Officer Mohammad Anisur Rahman told Morning Glory that the production of jackfruit has increased this time as compared to last year. The soil of Sakhipur is suitable for jackfruit cultivation. Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Chitra Shikari told Morning Glory that effective steps have been taken to increase the production of various crops including jackfruit in Sakhipur.

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