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The installation of intraco solar power in Lalmonirhat will improve the lot of hundreds of farmers

Lalmonirhat Correspondent: The establishment of Intraco Solar Power Limited in Lalmonirhat will improve the lot of hundreds of farmers, and expand trade and commerce among the people of the area, the locals said, adding that the land that Intraco bought from us was char land and that was landIt would not be of any use to us and we have made a profit by selling those non-kajo lands to Intraco Solar Power Ltd. at a much higher price, with the money we are buying and cultivating a lot of land elsewhere.
Intraco Solar Power Limited received LOI on 18/04/2016 for setting up 30 MW solar power plant in Gangachara upazila of Rangpur district. According to him, PPA was signed with the government on 26/07/2017. Intraco Solar Power Limited purchased about 300 acres of land in Gangachara Upazila for the project during that period. But unfortunately the whole land was lost in the river due to the erosion of the Teesta.
Later, when Intraco Solar Power Limited applied to the government for relocation of the project in 2017, a high level delegation of the government visited the site and approved the present site of the project at Shaulmari village in Kaliganj upazila of Lalmonirhat districtDoes.The Intraco Solar Power Limited then obtained trade license from the local union council for land use in the project area and approval from the deputy commissioner’s office without any objection to the use of land and setting up of power plants. After receiving approval from the Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Intraco Solar Power Limited started purchasing and depositing land directly from local landowners. In the meantime, some land registries, some through land foreclosure agreements (which are in progress in the registry period) and some khas lands are in the process of settlement through appropriate authorities with payment of market value from the local Occupier There are.At present Intraco Solar Power Limited is peacefully occupying almost the entire land in the project area.
While working in the project area, Intraco Solar Power Limited took power lines for the public in the project area and provided electricity to some houses out of social responsibility. About 15,000 neglected people in remote chars in the Intraco Solar Power Limited project area have covered 1.70 km at their own expense for the movement of several thousand students. Builds a road. In order to maintain the flow of cheese, 2 bridges and 18 culverts have to be constructed for the construction of the road. While reviewing various documents from BIDBOTA and Water Development Board, it was directed to stop the work within that period. Construction of roads, bridges and culverts has been suspended for the last two months since the directive was issued. Intraco Solar Power Limited then contacts the appropriate authorities and whose activities are still in process. In order to prevent the erosion of the char area during this monsoon, Intraco Solar Power Limited has erected a four kilometer side wall at different places.
It has been agreed that Intraco Solar Power Limited will construct the said road, bridge and culvert if permission is obtained through the appropriate authority otherwise the construction work will be stopped. In this regard, Lalmonirhat Water Development Board Executive Engineer Mizanur Rahman Saheb said that Intraco Solar Power Limited is being set up in Shailmari village of Kaliganj upazilaI saw.Lalmonirhat Deputy Commissioner Md. Abu Jafar said that Intraco Solar Power Limited has sent the approval documents to our office for the installation of 30 MW power in Kaliganj Upazila.
In this regard, the Director (Operations) of Intraco Solar Power Limited, Md. Abdul Halim, when asked about the irregularities in the purchase of land, he said, I buy all my land directly at a price according to the demand of the seller without any means.” Which is signed in front of a video camera subject to everyone’s permission. In particular, the name of the land donor, the details of the land, the signature of the land donor are taken by announcing the value of the land aloud. All these video clips are preserved with us. I don’t think there is any basis for the allegations of some miscreants who have made false allegations in various media. In fact, all those complainants have no land there.

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