August 5, 2021, 11:53 pm

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The Human Chain of the local Demainding protection of Agricultural land in Rupgonj. 20 Injured in Terrorist Attack by land pirats

Md.Rashedul Islam, Rupgonj (Nrayangonj): Disobying the order of the high court,Rupgonj Upazila kanchan Municipolity of Narayangonj Doudpur,Rupgonj union, kayatpara union to protect the agricultural land of the local attack the human chain of terrorist.The attack took place in front of the main gate of the Upazila land office in the mother ghat area of the Upazila on Wednesday afternoon least 20 people including an elderly man,were injured in the attack and were treated at various local hospitals.

Rupgonj Upazila Nirbahi officer Shah Nusrat Jahan took part in the human chain demainding justice for the terrorist attack and protection of agricultural land. Speakers at the human chain said that land grabbers are occupuing thousands of hectors of agricultural land in different areas of Rupgonj Upazila and are filling up the agricultural land in the dark of high.Howevers, filling sand in agricultural land and cutting soil from agricultural land is completely prohibited.

The speakers said that after filling a case to protect agricultural land, the high court has directed to stop filling sand in agricultural land but various housing projects are constaintly filling sand by instatling hundreds of dredgers in defiance of the high court order and innocent farmers are being attacked in various ways just by protesting against the filling of sand.

Speaker also said that thousands at bighas of agricultural land in different areas of Rupgonj have been taken over by making thems vadata.the victim have sought the attebtion of the prime Minister to demand Protection of agricultural land in Rupgonj.

Expressing solidarity with the garmer,Rupgonj Upazila Nirbahi Officer Shah Nusrat Jahan said, the demands of farmers and land Owner are reasonable. Filling of agricultural land with sand and cutting of Prohibited. According to the rate of the case, the high court has directed to stop sand filling and cutting of any type of crop land in the next two months, I am working towards that goal.


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