September 19, 2021, 5:42 pm

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The houses in Daulatdia of Goalanda were suddenly settled in the riverbed

Sheikh Momin, Goalanda (Rajbari): Between Daulatdia Launch and Ferry Ghat No. 1 of Goaland Upazila, 4 houses suddenly sank in the river within 10 minutes. According to the locals, the river management work is not done in the dry season but during the rainy season every year. The benefit is to those who have done the work of river governance. A few days ago, the Water Development Board and BIWTA jointly dumped geo-bags at launches and ferry docks to prevent river erosion. But suddenly at 10 o’clock in the afternoon, 20 houses in front of my eyes went into the riverIn addition, 30 to 50 houses, including launches and ferries, are at risk of river erosion. At any moment, these houses can be washed away by the river.
“We weren’t at home,” said Akkas Bepari. I am Goalanda with my wife, I went to the hospital. An hour later, the man next door was on my cell phone
Your house is going to the river and you come home early. I came quickly and couldn’t get anything out of the house. Everything in front of my eyes, including the house, went to the river. Now I don’t know where to go or what to do.
Shaheda Begum said, “I work and eat in a food hotel. I stay at home as the food hotel is closed due to lockdown.” Today I went to the market again to do some shopping. My mother called me in Eri and told me that everything went to the river Come home early. I hurried home and found a table and one in the room
Basatvita went to the river with my house without taking out the mill. Now that I’ve lost everything, I’m exhausted.
Daulatdia UP Chairman AH Rahman Mandal said that they did not throw the Geo bags in the way they needed to be dumped. The bag has been dropped. It seemed to me that the ghat would not have been demolished if the geobags had been dumped at the bottom of the river bank. And 20 houses have gone to the riverbed and 30 houses have been relocated. MP Mahadaya and DC Mahadaya have come and assured that they have taken measures to break the geobags from tomorrow as much as possible.
Goalanda Upazila Executive Officer, said. Azizul Haque said erosion started suddenly in the launch ghat area of ​​the river Padma. Several families were affected by the demolition. Senior officials of the administration visited the spot after learning about the demolition. Food assistance will be provided to the victims on an emergency basis. Arrangements will be made to build their houses later.

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