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The house of the late Kabari in the village of Boalkhalis is now one Scenic place, which was unknown to many even a day ago

Syed Md. Nazrul Islam, Boalkhali (Chattogram): Sarah Begum Kabari is the name of a legend in the film world of this country. He breathed his last at a hospital in Dhaka on Friday night, April 16 at the age of 12.20. After the news was disseminated in different media, the news media including various social media became very active. Before dawn the next day, many of them suddenly grew up in the village house of Kabalids in Aklia village in Ward 6 of Popadia union in Boalkhali upazila. Many news workers are also crowded.
Many of them did not even know a day ago that it was actually the home of the country’s legendary gravediggers. According to locals, Mina Pal was born on July 19, 1950 in this house. Seeing the talent of the girl since childhood, father Srikrishna Das Pal and mother Mrs. Lavanya Prabha Pal took the girl to the city. Along with education, the practice of culture also continues. In 1973, at the age of 13, he appeared on the stage as a dancer Then it became television and cinema. In 1984, while studying in class seven at JM Sen School in Firingi Bazar, Mina Pal’s name became famous for her film ‘So’. After that, Kabari did not have to look back. Thus began a new chapter in the world of Dhaka photography. Mina Pal from Chittagong, His father and sister came to Dhaka and stayed at a hotel in Sadarghat. From there Ramakrishna went to the producer’s office on Mission Road. Mina Pal signed with one thousand and eleven rupees. This is the first earning of his life.
This is how Mina Pal made her debut in the role of teenage lover Zarina in ‘So’. After the release of ‘So’, there was an uproar. The film does super duper business. The producer of the film was Chitta Chowdhury, a wealthy businessman from his upazila Boalkhali. He is comfortable

Chitta Chowdhury also married the teenage heroine. After a few years of separation, she married Safiuddin Sarwar of Dhaka for the second time in 1986. In 2006, separation took place here. After that, the legendary heroine grew up with movies and politics. In the 9th Jatiya Sangsad elections in 2008, Swami Sarwar was elected a Member of Parliament from Bari Narayanganj. April 17 at noon in front of the gravediggers’ house
Talking to his cousin Sattordha Babul Pal. He said that after gaining prestige in cinema, he sold the house in the village and his whole family moved to Dhaka. When the war of liberation started in 1971, he moved to the village house from Dhaka with his family members. Later he migrated from here to India. Going to Calcutta, Kabari attended various meetings, gatherings and events and participated in various cultural events to create public opinion in favor of the war of liberation. After that there is no contact with them and they never came here again.

Khorshed Alam, a 50-year-old man who now lives in Kabari’s home, said they bought the three-and-a-half-acre house in 1975 due to the friendship between his father Badshah Mia and Kabari’s father Srikrishna Pal. This tin house here is now a place of interest for the locals. Many people are coming to see the house at a glance but even a day ago it was unknown to many.

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