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The government should resign with the responsibility of ‘extreme failure’ in dealing with Corona: BNP

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The BNP high command has alleged that the government is hiding the exact number of cases of coronavirus infection and death. The party has said the government should resign over its “extreme failure” to deal with the epidemic.

The BNP has said that the sudden decision to open an export-oriented factory has caused severe hardship to the workers. On the one hand, public transport is closed, on the other hand, the instruction to join the factory is nothing but a farce. In this situation, these workers outside Dhaka and through them the people of Dhaka can also be victims of a terrible infection.

The leaders said this at a virtual meeting of the National Standing Committee of the BNP’s highest policy-making forum on Saturday. The content of the meeting was announced in a press release on Sunday.

The meeting expressed deep concern over the rapid increase in delta-type infections of coronavirus. The number of victims and deaths in the country is increasing at an alarming rate, party leaders said. People are flocking to the district hospitals and test centers for testing. But due to government policies and mismanagement, most of the affected people are not able to get tested.

The leaders said that from the beginning, the Department of Health had ultimately failed the Corona test. As a result, accurate information is not being published. On the other hand, the affected people are not getting hospital beds, opioids and ICU facilities. Patients outside Dhaka are dying in different hospitals in Dhaka without getting treatment at the district hospital. The government has made no effort to improve the situation in the district hospitals. The government is deliberately giving untrue information to deceive the people without giving a true picture of the victims. The hospital has imposed various restrictions on the collection of information by journalists. For fear of lawsuits under the Digital Security Act, journalists are unable to provide factual information. On the other hand, the situation has become more complicated as the outbreak of dengue has increased at an alarming rate. The BNP leaders called on the government to take effective measures to change the situation immediately.

They said the government has so far failed to provide a specific roadmap for the collection, storage and distribution of the required number of vaccines for all citizens. The government is deceiving the people with wrong information. The government is now saying that 6০ million people will be vaccinated every week. But even in the last seven months, 6০ million people could not be vaccinated. The government has announced to provide one crore vaccines every month without any guarantee of getting the vaccine, which is nothing but cheating with the people. The government has so far failed to disclose the source of vaccination for the one crore vaccines per month. The BNP leaders urged the health minister to immediately present to the people a specific roadmap for the collection, storage and distribution of vaccines without uttering these ’empty words’.

BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman chaired the meeting, the party’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, standing committee member. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Barrister Jamir Uddin Sarkar, Mirza Abbas, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, Dr. Abdul Moin Khan, Nazrul Islam Khan, Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury, Selima Rahman and Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku were present.

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