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The government is losing billions of rupees in revenue from the greedy tea garden of Kanaighat!

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Hundreds of hectares of government land in the Mangalpur Lobachhara tea garden area of ​​Kanaighat in Sylhet have been evicted. This government land is soon being lost to some influential landlords. The government is losing crores of rupees in revenue from this. It is rumored that the land is in the possession of Christian religious chairman James Leo Ferguson Nankar. Crores of rupees are being squandered every year by planting potato, rema and various orchards on this land. Besides, stones worth crores of rupees are being extracted every year. The money is being squandered in broad daylight by showing a nominal tea garden. The administration is running the business of playing Holi worth crores of rupees effortlessly.

It is known that there are hundreds of hectares of high and low hills in this government land. There are farms, farms and farm lands in the open space surrounded by green hills. Houses have been built. Boundaries have also been demarcated by claiming one’s own land without heeding the government regulations invisible to all. But following 8 print leaflets, it is seen that Sarkar Bahadur is in favor of the owner of these lands.

There are allegations that the so-called influential Bhumikheko Chairman Nankar needs permission to enter any place for visitors or outsiders. By cutting these hills, the balance of the environment is being destroyed. There, various kinds of trees and plants were destroyed and animals and birds also disappeared. The locals pretended not to see all his activities out of fear. In order to protest, conspiratorial attacks, lawsuits and torture have been inflicted on his forehead. He also has a large terrorist group in the local area. Every night he would sit with his team and have a wine-gambling party. More exciting information will come out if you want dope tests and wealth calculations. Many journalists are also afraid to write against this rich man. Because he also has a beautiful bungalow in this area. Many people are afraid to go there because Tila is home. There are also allegations that a torture cell has been set up around the hill. Some unscrupulous officers also hang out there to have fun at night. Police members including some dishonest officials of Kanaighat land office are also not excluded from this. Many members of the minority community, including UP members of Muslim families, have already fallen victim to his conspiracy.

It is learned that no one from the district administration to the upazila level is willing to speak against him. Those who will protest will have to pull the steam roller of beating along with lawsuits. However, a number of locals, who did not want to be named, told the reporter that he had become even more reckless as his wife and children were in exile. Although he has several acres of land in the area, he has also strategically evicted hundreds of acres of government land. To date, neither the government nor the district administration has made any plans to recover these lands. Because according to the locals, if any kind of tourist area or factory can be built on this land in the border area, the government will be able to collect crores of rupees of revenue every year. According to them, the chairman is making his pockets heavier by selling many hills at a price of Tk 10-15 lakh. There are rivers, canals, beels, hills, Tilabari, Layek Patit, Halat, tea gardens, fish farms, mosques, markets and Chhankhola. Whose ledger No. 1 and 1 (2). Mouza- Lobachhara Tea Garden, JLNong-15. Investigating this mouza will reveal signs of the resurrection of hundreds of acres of government land. Therefore, the locals have requested the government to take immediate action to save this land in the interest of the country and the people.

They also said that in some areas in the vicinity, many people have been living peacefully since the British rule by paying rent, but the chairman used various tricks to evict them. And the people of the state object to good manners.

James Leo Ferguson, the former chairman of East UP No. 1 and the current chairman of Lakshi Prasad West Union No. 2, contacted Nanak on his mobile phone but could not be reached for comment.

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