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The government has arranged the drama ‘Iqbal’: Manna

University Reporter /

Mahmudur Rahman Manna, the convener of Citizens’ Unity, has alleged that the government has staged a drama by finding Iqbal Hossain to pressurize Udor Pindi Budo to avoid its responsibility. He said that when he saw Iqbal, he could not believe that he could leave the Qur’an in the shrine. Looking at his pictures, no one will believe that he has done this. The Iqbal man is mentally unbalanced. He could not say anything when questioned by the police. Udor Pindi finds Iqbal to press Budo’s neck. The government is now arranging dramas.

He made the remarks while addressing a protest rally in front of the National Museum at Shahbagh in the capital on Friday afternoon demanding communalism, rising commodity prices and fair elections.

At the rally, Mahmudur Rahman Manna said there is a syndicate of traders who raise prices. The government can control them if it wants. But within the syndicate there are government people who fill their pockets by raising prices. So the government cannot reduce the price of any thing. The government can only do drama.

Complaining that people of any religion are not safe under the government, he said that this government is not the only religion whose name is power. The government is telling one story after another for him. Bangladesh is now scared even when it sees Myanmar troops. There is nothing Bangladesh can do when Myanmar aircraft fly around Bangladesh. They have occupied our seas, sent their people to our country. And the government can do nothing.

SM Akram, an adviser to Citizens’ Unity, said one of the strategies of this government is that whenever a movement comes to a standstill, it itself creates another event to divert the attention of the people. We have seen a lot like this in the past. The incident in Comilla was arranged by the Iqbal government. This kind of thing happens every day. When the tide rises, no dam will be able to stop it. And then the fall of this government is inevitable.

He said the Awami League has formed the government in 2014 through mock elections. That government has brought an amendment in the election so that no one can talk about a caretaker government in the future. If he talks about the caretaker government, he will become anti-state, anti-government and he will be taken to jail and tortured. We want elections under a neutral government.

Leaders of various levels of Citizens ‘Unity spoke at the rally conducted by SM Kabir Hossain, convener of Citizens’ Unity.

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