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The government does not like to occupy the place of the river: State Minister for Shipping

Staff Reporter: State Minister for Shipping Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury said the government does not like to carry out development activities by occupying the river. No one will get the opportunity of development by illegally occupying the place of river. The government is moving in the right direction by occupying the land along the river. The High Court is satisfied with BIWTA’s action in evicting illegal establishments along the river and the countrymen are also satisfied.

The state minister said this while inspecting the floating dock of BIWTA at Shampur in Dhaka on Tuesday. BIWTA Chairman Commodore Golam Sadeq was also present. The state minister said the eviction process was slow due to the Kavid-19 epidemic but was still ongoing. Will work consistently. River bank boundaries have been marked. I want to return the river to the place of the river.

BIWTA’s ship ‘Dhrubatara’ was unloaded at a floating dock in Shampur. Buoy-beacons are installed and replaced for smooth navigation on inbound and coastal waterways by Dhruvatara ships.
The BIWTA floating dock was built in Germany in 1967 and brought to Bangladesh in 1968. The floating dock has a 5 ton capacity crane, two 150 kVA generators, 04 capstan.

There are 13 welding regulators for repair work after docking the vessel. It is very convenient to repair any part of the vessel including under and water parts and propulsion unit in the dock. Any floating structure weighing up to 800 tons whose length and width does not exceed the runway of the floating dock can be docked and un-docked at all floating docks like ships, dredgers, barge pontoons etc.
Emergency repair work of BIWTA and other agencies was carried out at the floating dock.

Moving the floating dock if necessary is able to carry out emergency repairs elsewhere. The floating dock was brought from Barisal in 2002 and set up at Shampur in Dhaka. From 2010 to 2020, 75 vessels have been docked and un-docked at this dock. The floating dock is a very important installation of BIWTA i.e. Bangladesh.

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