June 19, 2021, 2:37 pm

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The first capital, Chuadanga, demanded state recognition Flash Mob for the first time

Maherabbin Sunvi, Chuadanga: This time, for the first time, the youths of four groups based on the social media Facebook in Chuadanga have made this demand by flash mob for the first time demanding state recognition in the capital Chuadanga. They organized the flashmove at Chuadanga Shaheed Hasan Chattar at 4.30 pm on Monday. Five young people danced to the tune of patriotic songs and in the hands of a few, a placard saying ‘First state Chuadanga wants state recognition’ caught everyone’s attention. Suddenly, the people of Chuadanga seemed to enjoy something new with the old demands.

It is learned that the people of Chuadanga have been carrying out various programs from time to time demanding state recognition of Chuadanga as the first temporary capital of Bangladesh. This demand was repeatedly raised in various days and national events including human chain, meetings, seminars. This time, for the first time in the history of the district, four groups based on the social media Facebook of Chuadanga made this demand through a flash mob of only five minutes. The youth of Chuadanga Community, Chuadanga Foundation, CD Queens and Food Bloggers of Chuadanga suddenly organized a different kind of flash mob.

At Chuadanga Bara Bazar Shaheed Hasan Chattar, a large number of youths were first seen holding a huge national flag. Suddenly, four young men from all over the street wore genji embroidered with the map of Chuadanga and danced in the streets to a patriotic song with a combination of Kazi Nazrul Islam’s poems. Within seconds, three more young men in the same vest and a young woman in a red and green dress were seen. In their hands is a placard saying ‘I want state recognition for the first capital Chuadanga’. Suddenly people from different walks of life started flocking to the city to see such different arrangements.

A few more seconds later another young man took part in the dance. At that time another young man saw a flag and placard of Bangladesh in his hand. This event of only five minutes is like the heart of everyone present. All in all, it was a different event in the movement to get Chuadanga recognized as the first capital. Alif Hossain, President of Chuadanga Foundation, one of the organizers of the event, said, “We have been making this demand for a long time.” At different times, the people of the district have raised the demand in different ways. It is found in various documents including the papers of that time. Just trying to establish that truth.

This time we have presented that demand of our lives differently. This is the first time in the history of this district that Flasmov. The organization was really good. For the first time in the history of Chuadanga, the capital of Chuadanga, one of the organizers of this exceptional event was Flash Mob. Rahman, Chuadanga Community Admin Abdullah Al Jubayer Nafiu, Chuadanga Community Moderator Tanjilul Plana, Chuadanga Foundation Vice President Afran Annan, Additional General Secretary Sabit Shithil, Public Secretary Sohan and others.

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