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The embankment is breaking, people are crying

Rasel Hawladar, Barguna: The embankment on the banks of Bishkhali and Baleshwar rivers has been continuously breaking down throughout the year. Fractures continue in all seasons of the year.

The embankment is breaking again and again, and the people of the coast are floating in tears and river water. Barguna is a coastal district in the south. Adjacent to the Bay of Bengal, Baleshwar, Bishkhali and Kharsrota Payra rivers flow through this district. From 1960 to 2000, 805 km of embankments were constructed in the district. The Water Development Board has said that 29 km of the embankment is at full risk.

The erosion situation takes a terrible shape every monsoon season. Hat-bazaars, roads, educational institutions, vast lands including crop lands have been destroyed in the demolition. Many public and private establishments are under threat.
Hundreds of families have lost their homes after Sidr. In such a situation the people of Patharghata have no other development; Only the river bank protection dam wants to prevent erosion.

It can be seen around the coast, as soon as the rains come, the panic increases here. Now even if it rains, the panic does not subside. The people here are lost in the year-round devastation. There is no end to the suffering of the people affected by river erosion. They have lost everything and are now living an inhuman life. Many of them live on Wapdar as their place of residence has been washed away by the river, but they are also living in shacks in other people’s houses as the embankment has been repaired by a Chinese company. Some are trying to settle on the abandoned land of others. The education of their sons and daughters is now uncertain.

Belayet, who is on the verge of erosion, said that as soon as the tide rises, the water rises and submerges the houses, disappears into the river, and if the erosion is not stopped, they will have to sit on the road.

Residents of the affected areas said the demolition was so severe that there was no opportunity to remove houses. If it is broken in this way, Patharghata will disappear one day.

Kaishar Alam, executive engineer of the Water Development Board’s Barguna office, said about 29 km of dams at 65 places in the district were at risk of erosion. However, repair work has already started on the broken places.

Meanwhile, cyclone Yas has caused severe damage in several places in Barguna by breaking embankments. Senior Secretary of the Water Resources Ministry Kabir Bin Anwar is visiting the damaged Padma area of Patharghata Upazila in Barguna on Monday (May 31).

One of the demands of the residents of the embankment area centered on his arrival was’ I don’t want to cry anymore, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to be without resources, I want a sustainable embankment.

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