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The death toll from a fire in Algeria has risen to 65

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After Turkey and Greece, the fire broke out in Algeria, another Mediterranean country. The blaze has killed at least 65 people so far, according to Reuters.

Among the dead were 28 army members. They lost their lives in an accident while trying to control the fire.

Algerian President Abdel Madzid has already declared three days of state mourning in Tebou. In a tweet on Wednesday, the president said, “It is very sad that 28 of our soldiers were killed while rescuing the victims.” Before they died, they were able to successfully rescue about 100 people from the flames. The nation is shocked by their grief. ‘

On Wednesday, fires broke out in the Bejaya and Tizi Ouzou areas of Kabili, a mountainous area east of the Algerian capital Algiers, and quickly spread. As of last news, fires have spread to 50 areas of Kabili. The largest loss was in Tiji Ouzhou, the largest district in Kabili.

The country’s army has begun efforts to quickly evacuate civilians living in the fire-ravaged areas. Emergency shelters have already been set up in hotels, community centers and educational institutions for the victims, an Algerian army spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the country’s interior minister, Kamel Beldzou, has complained that the fire was spread from a deliberately set fire.

During a recent visit to the Tizi Ouzhou area, he said the fires at 50 places at the same time were unbelievable. The culprits are behind the arson.

Three suspects have been arrested in the Medya and Annaba districts of Kabili on charges of intentional arson, state radio said. Source: Reuters.

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