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The crowd of tourists is increasing in Sunamganj, the green land of nature

Dulal Mia, Sunamganj: The door has been opened for tourism as the restrictions imposed on Kovid 19 have cooled down. After a long time, in the presence of tourists, the silence of the border tourist spots including Tanguar Haor, Shahid Siraj Lake (Niladri Lake), Barek’s Thila, Shimul Bagan and Pahar Bilas and Haor Bilas of Bishwambharpur Upazila of Sunamganj district was broken.

As Friday and Saturday are holidays, innumerable travelers have flocked to the nature land of Sunamganj border. Tanguar Haor is unique in form and quality. Attractive to tourists. It is also a safe haven for natural forests, migratory and native birds. One of the most beautiful and biodiversity wetlands in the country. Tanguar Haor of immense beauty has been under the control of the government for more than 17years.

The district administration is working to protect and preserve the resources of the haor. There are also private initiatives. This haor is located at a distance of about 40 km from Sunamganj city with a large area of Tahirpur and Dharmapasha upazilas. The area of the haor is 12,655 hectares with 18 mouzas of 4 unions of 2 upazilas. There are 109 small and big bills in Haor. However, the main bill is 54. Inside the haor, there are innumerable canals and ditches scattered like nets.

In the rainy season, all the matches become monotonous. At that time the haor took the form of the sea. About 60,000 people from 88villages in the haor area depend on the haor. Meghalaya hills of India to the north of Haor. There are 38 waterfalls coming down from this hill and merging with Tanguar Haor. Now there are good facilities for tourists to visit Haor. Several small and large boats are available for rent this season. These boats have all the modern facilities.

There are multiple entrances to Tanguar Haor. There is extra for those who will go to Laudergarh in Tahirpur. On this route there is the magnificent Jadukata and Shaheed Siraj Lake which descends through the heart of the hill, there is also Shimul Bagan. Shubhasis Das of Tilagarh, Sylhet, says, “I am fascinated by the nature-friendly place. I tried to come for a long time, but did not come because of the lockdown. Nature lovers have come here in droves since today. We are overwhelmed by the amazing view of Dhaka hills. Anik Rahman and Simi Rahman from Narayanganj made similar comments.

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