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The country’s second largest Mishakhali rubber dam in Sunamganj is unprotected

Dulal Mia, Sunamganj: The Mishakhali rubber dam constructed at a cost of around Tk 22 crore in Bishwambharpur upazila of Sunamganj district is unprotected.  This year too, both sides of Spain are floating on the water as the Mishakhali rubber has not been completely drained.  The central part of Spain is floating 3-4 feet under water.  It is thought that there is still water 3-4 feet high inside the rubber.  There is a risk that the dam will be injured due to the rubber cut by the fan of the moving trawler.  It is important to remove the water inside the rubber with a pump machine.  Otherwise, it will be difficult to prevent flooding in the next crop season.  Besides, there will be less drainage of water in the haor due to the presence of water in the rubber.
There is also a risk of severe damage to houses and crops on the banks of the Jadukata river if the hill slopes down this monsoon. Abdul Awal, general secretary of the rubber dam management committee, said,  It is not possible to collect money in the current situation.  Due to lack of money, I could not get water out of the rubber and pay the outstanding electricity bill.  I have also informed these issues to the Rubber Dam Management Committee and the authorities of BADC.  Ershad Mia said it is a complicated process to meet the cost of rubber dams by collecting dues from farmers.  Upazila administration and district administration will have to take responsibility for its expenses.
Where the government has built a rubber dam at a cost of Tk 22 crore, it is not impossible to pay Tk 50,000 to 60,000 from any government fund every year. Sunamganj BADC Assistant Engineer Hossain Mohammad Khaleduzzaman said  50 / = (fifty rupees) per care was directed to be collected through resolutions and instructions were given.  But the steering committee could not do that.  Last year, a lot of efforts were made to raise funds and repair rubber holes and ancillary work.  There is no chance of paying like this next year.
The steering committee has not yet paid the electricity bill.  He did not even take out the water inside the rubber. The rubber is at risk. Context.  The country’s second largest rubber dam was officially constructed six years ago through the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) at a cost of about Tk 22 crore to protect the bore crops of Angaruli Haor and Sonar Haor from flooding and hill slopes.  There is no official allocation for the operation of the rubber dam.
Humayun Kabir Mridha, former general secretary of the rubber dam management committee, was personally bearing the expenses.  Last year, he and his committee handed over the responsibility of Rubberdam to BADC.  Later, the Upazila Irrigation Committee approved a new steering committee to manage the rubber dam with the chairman of the local union council as its chairman.

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