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The cost of staying at Messi’s hotel every night is 20 lakh rupees

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Messi with family at the Le Royal Manchio Hotel Paris met Lionel Messi. Messi has severed ties with Bar্sa and moved to PSG in Paris. However, the club is not lacking in entertaining one of the best footballers in the history of football. Messi, 34, and his family are currently staying at the luxury Hotel Le Royal Moncheo in Paris.

The five-star hotel, owned by Qatar-based company Qatar Hospitality, is located in central Paris. Neymar was also here in 2017 when he signed up for PSG. The minimum room rent at this luxurious hotel is 700. However, Messi, who is staying there with his wife and children, is spending 17 thousand pounds every night there! The amount in Bangladeshi currency is about 20 lakh rupees.

The hotel has a 23 meter long swimming pool. There are private halls for watching movies. There are also six luxury restaurants here. The hotel is famous for its delicious steak. Which is worth 67 pounds!

The hotel, located in the heart of Paris, was opened in 1928. However, some of its rooms were renovated 11 years ago. Celebrities like Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, Robert De Niro have stayed at this hotel.

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