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The complexity of the case will be reduced CMM court is being started in Rangpur

Salina Khatun: Rangpur gets CMM (Rangpur Chief Metropolitan) judge in Mujib Year. The CMM court will be launched soon. The Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) court is being set up in Rangpur metropolis in the year of Mujib. The government has already appointed a judge to set up a CMM court in the city. Last month, the government published a gazette on June 20, 2021. The Prime Minister has long ago approved the proposal to create ancillary posts.

The government will issue an order to start this court any day. The Rangpur CMM court is being set up in the Rangpur metropolitan area to ease the pressure on the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court, sources in the law ministry said. At present there are CMM courts in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet and Barisal. In this regard, Law Minister Anisul Haque told the media that the government is taking one step after another to reduce the huge number of cases in the country. The government has planned to settle a significant number of cases in the Mujib year. Apart from appointing necessary judges, courts will also be set up. The new CMM court is also part of it.

Case complexity will be reduced:
Many important people of the state, starting from farmers, day laborers and working people of Rangpur division, are in crisis. There are 30,000 cases pending in the Rangpur CGM court. The Rangpur CMM court will work to reduce the complexity of these cases and give relief to the candidates. According to CGM court sources, the number of pending cases in six police stations in Rangpur is 5,008. According to court sources, the CMM will conduct judicial proceedings for speedy disposal of these cases. Rangpur District Awami League General Secretary Senior Lawyer Rezaul Karim Raju said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had promised to develop Rangpur and he congratulated the Prime Minister for this.

Rangpur metropolitan Awami League general Babu Tushar Kanti Mandal and young industrialist Alhaj Tanbir Hossain Ashrafi said they were grateful to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and requested her to keep abreast of her contribution to the development of Rangpur. The two leaders also congratulated the newly appointed Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of the CMM Court, Mr. FM Ahsanul Haque on behalf of the people of Rangpur and wished him a long life. Rangpur Bar Association president lawyer Abdul Malek and general secretary lawyer Abdur Haque Pramanik said the chief metropolitan magistrate has been appointed.

He has already done the joint. The Chief Judicial Magistrate and District and Sessions Judge Mahaday Gon have arranged the necessary staff to run the court. Congratulations to all for this. Rangpur Chief Judicial Magistrate Mr. Shawkat Ali told this correspondent that a place has been selected for the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court and he has made arrangements to provide other staff. This very sincere judge simply said that the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate will be sitting on the 5th floor of the same building (Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court).

The festive mood in the Rangpur CMM court area
Awaiting the start of the Rangpur CMM court, the mood of the festival has been good. For example, in this court, the court is trying to decide who will be the clerk, prosecutor, clerk and peon. PP Ed AKM Harun-ur-Rashid of the Rangpur ACC court congratulated the newly appointed Chief Metropolitan Magistrate and said the judge alone did not decide the case. Although he plays a key role, those who work with him also have important responsibilities here.

This requires the honesty and sincerity of the investigating officer, the presenter, the prosecutor, the police witness, the plaintiff and the defendant. He thinks that it can be found here in Rangpur. Md. Abdullah Al Qadir (Abdullah), a prominent contractor in the court area, said the area would become busier once the CMM court started. I strongly hope that everyone, including the judge, will show honesty and sincerity in handling the case.

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