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The cattle market of SaltGola rail Crossing has become bustling in Chattogram 

 Md. Nesar Ahammed: Suddenly the whole milk of the sacrificial animal market in o Chattogram freezes without freezing! On Friday, there are 6 animal markets in the bustling Bikini City. The markets of the district are also jammed. Trading is in full swing. Buyers are flocking to the cattle market ignoring the mud and water in the rain. Many have already bought their favorite cows and goats.
On Friday (July 15) at noon at the SaltGola Crossing cattle market in Chattogram city,
 there was no shortage of cattle in the market. There are animals in the market according to the demand. However, buyers said that the price is still high. No cow is available for less than 60-70 thousand rupees. For this reason, many are waiting for the price to come down.
This time around one and a half lakh animals have come to Chattogram from outside districts. As a result, there is no shortage of animals, said the traders.
According to Chattagram City Corporation sources, a total of 6 cattle markets have been set up in the city this time. Of these, two are permanent and seven are temporary. Permanent cattle markets are Sagarika and Bibirhat.
The temporary hats are Nur Mohammad Housing, Saltgola Rail Crossing Hat, Karnafuli Hat, Patenga City Corporation High School Ground, Postarpar High School Ground.
The two largest cattle markets in the city are Sagarika and Bibirhat. Half of the demand is for bikinis at these two markets. Most of the cows from different districts have been raised at these two markets.
The traders said that this time innumerable cows and goats have been brought from Jessore, Kushtia, Rangpur, Panchagarh, Naogaon and Rajshahi. Even today truckloads of cows have arrived. After being unloaded at the market, they are being put in the market.
A few cattle markets can be seen, sometimes in heavy and sometimes in drizzle. Watching one cow after another. Like, someone is buying and someone is going back without buying.
Seen at the Salt Gola Crossing Market, there is no space inside.
The market is crammed with cattle from beginning to end. Cows and goats have also been kept at the entrance. Rows of cows are parked on both sides of the road inside the market. Hundreds of cows have been tied to poles on the north and south sides of the road. Besides, there are innumerable goats. Some buffaloes have also been seen.
The number of shoppers at the market has also increased several times over the last two days. Sales are also quite high.
A trader named Rezaul said he had brought 50 cows. Sold seven last Thursday. He hopes the rest will be sold soon.
There is no point in keeping the price,” he said. So I am giving up for a small profit. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.
Another trader, Mizanur, said he had sold 10 cows. Got the price fairly well. Today’s sales have increased several times as of Friday.
The rest of the city’s animal markets have the same image of another salt shell crossing. Cattle are being unloaded by animal trucks coming from far and wide. Being taken down quickly. Here also the cow filling market has been seen. The whole market is full to the brim. Goats have been kept on one side. The rest are cows. Buyers have been bargaining since morning. During the one-hour stay, 10 to 15 cows were seen to be bikinis.
Chan Mia, a businessman from Kushtia, said he had brought 26 cows this time. Meanwhile, four cows have been sold on Thursday. Although the price is not too high, he did not cheat. Nowadays, he expects the rest to be sold.
The sellers said that so far the demand for medium cattle is high. Large cattle are being sold at low prices. Most of what has been bikini is medium. A few small ones. Bikini bikinis priced at 60 to 70 thousand rupees are more popular.
Chattogram Cattle Traders Cooperative Association President.
Shafiqur Rahman said, this time there are cows and goats in Chattogram as per the demand. There is no shortage. The price is not too high.
He said that the sale has started in the market. Buyers are coming too. Sales are going up even more today, Friday.
District Livestock Officer. Mohammad Reazul Haque told Jago News that this time there are 63 permanent and 146 temporary cattle markets in Chattogram district.
 The number of possible sacrificial animals in Chattogram  is 6 lakh 20 thousand. Of these, 8,057 farms in Chittagong have 8,10,219 animals.
As of July 10, Chattogram  has 4,14,038 cows, 42,264 buffaloes, 1,46,547 goats and sheep. Already more than 2 lakh animals from different districts have reached Chattogram . This time there is no shortage of sacrificial animals in Chattogram.

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