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The bridge is broken, the people of 12 villages are in extreme misery

Juwel Islam,Taraganj (Rangpur): For a long time, the common people of 12 villages adjacent to Bhimpur Shailbari Madrasa in Alampur Union of Taraganj Upazila of Rangpur have been moving on the Chikli River at their own risk by constructing bamboo bridges. But in this year’s heavy rains, the bamboo bridge collapsed in the middle of the river. As a result, the common people of those 12 villages have to use Alampur UP and Sadar Upazila as an alternative road through Dholaighat of Radhanagar Union of Badarganj Upazila and Sayar Union of Taraganj Upazila.

As a result, on the one hand, they are wasting their time to come to the Union Parishad and Upazila Sadar, on the other hand, they are also wasting money. Thousands of people, including the tender-hearted students of those 12 villages, have fallen into extreme misery.

It is learned on the spot that the bridge made of bamboo bridge collapsed in 2016 due to severe floods. As a result, flood water entered the village and created a terrible situation. When the bridge collapsed again in the last flood of 2020, the local people built the bridge on their own initiative and with their own funds. When the floodwaters receded, the locals collected money and bamboo on a voluntary basis and built a new bridge there.

Every day thousands of people and tender-hearted students were crossing the bridge at risk. Due to the collapse of the bridge, the products of thousands of farmers could not be easily sold in Bhimpur Bazar, Tentultala, Chikli Hat and Taraganj Bazar. They have to travel a long distance of about 5 (five) kilometers to sell these products at extra price. It costs extra money to sell their products.

Local farmers Abdul Hamid Sarkar, Abdus Sattar, Abu Ayub, Abu Saeed and many others said that it costs extra to sell our produce in the market. As a result, people do not want to buy products from us. I am forced to sell at a lower price. If there is a bridge here, the Hummer Ilar (our) travel cost will be less and we will be able to sell it in the market very easily. Several worshipers of the Bhimpur Darjipara mosque said, “Our mosque is on the verge of collapsing due to lack of bridges and they fear that the village will be submerged in the river.”

Rafiqul Islam, Hossain Ali, Jewel Mia, Rokeya Begum, Jasim Uddin and several others came forward to take pictures of the bridge. They said that every year the people of Hamra village go from house to house and build Chanda Tuli Sanko. But at the end of the river, the lower pole of the bridge collapsed and the bridge collapsed. If the government builds Ekna Bridge, then Hummer will be very useful.

Abul Hossain (55) who was present there said, “Dad, look at your paper khanat Anna Neki (writing) and see if you can build a bridge in it. It doesn’t break the bridge, I just feel like Hummer’s forehead is breaking. I have no land. Shailbari Madrasa is a frozen house. One of my sons has got a house in the Darjipara shelter project on that bank of the river. Beta is in the corner.

When you cross the river, you can go near Mui Ekna Chawata. The grandchildren want to see the grandchildren very much. But how do I do Mui Jaim. It is not only the Ekna Bridge, but also the bridge that the people of the village have built has collapsed. If you want to get closer to Beta, you have to go around 5 km. You don’t get to go to that place.

Alampur Union Chairman Delwar Hossain said, “Demands have been made to the local MPs and the chairman of the Upazila Parishad for the construction of a paved bridge at Shailbari Ghat.” Ten thousand people from 12 villages including Darjipara, Maheshkhola, Khanpar, Shailbari, Dangapara, Naluwardanga, Koranipara, Bhimpur, Pramanikpara, Moulvipara and Baniapara have suffered due to the collapse of the bamboo sakoti. I am not able to repair the bamboo bridge as there is no allocation in the Union Parishad.

Upazila Engineer Ahmed Haider Zaman said, “I have sent the necessary documents to Dhaka last year for the construction of bridges at several ghats.” In which there is also that ghat of Shailbari. Allocation not yet matched. Once allotted, a new bridge will be built at that place.

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