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The body of the student was recovered from a depth of 70 feet by removing one ton of garbage

Md. Nesar Ahammed: The body of a missing university student who fell into a drain in Chattogram city has been rescued by the divers of the fire service after searching for 4 hours. Fire service officials said the student was trapped in a drain about 60 feet deep from the scene. His lifeless body was found after two cranes of the Fire Service and the City Corporation removed about a ton of rubbish.

The body of the student was recovered at 2:55 pm on Monday (September 27), said Faruk Hossain Sikder, assistant director of the Chattogram Fire Service.

Earlier, the student went missing after falling into a ditch in front of Jax Market on Agrabad Sheikh Mujib Road of the city’s Double Mooring Police Station around 10pm on Monday. Missing Sehreen Mahbub Sadia (19) was a first year student of Computer Engineering Department, International Islamic University, Sitakunda, Chattogram . In the house of Shukkur member in Barapol area of ​​Halishahar police station. Baba Mohammad Ali is an expatriate, but is currently in the country. Seherin was the eldest of two brothers and two sisters.

According to police and fire service officials, Seherin went with her uncle Zakir Hossain to buy glasses at the Shahjalal Glasses Market in Agrabad. .While walking along the sidewalk, he inadvertently fell into the ditch. Mama Zakir Hossain jumped into the drain to save him. However, in a strong current, Seherin quickly sank into the drain.

The body of the student was recovered from a depth of 60 feet by removing one ton of garbage.
Upon receiving the news of the accident, the diving team of the fire service rushed to the spot. The diving team first went down the drain and searched. But Seherin was not found. The crane is then taken away. Garbage removal begins with the crane. .At one stage, another crane of the city corporation also went to the spot and joined the work. By then, several thousand people had gathered on the road and in the surrounding area. Local youths along with firefighters also joined in the garbage removal.

After rescuing Seherin at 2:55 pm, people took her from the fire service personnel to the local Islamia Hospital. The doctor on duty there declared him dead.

Faruk Hossain Sikder, assistant director of the fire service in Chattogram, who went to the spot, told Sarabangla that there was a big ditch under the sidewalk where the accident took place. But there was no slab on the drain. Large potholes have been created on the road due to the ongoing construction of the elevated expressway. The water has accumulated there and taken the shape of a drain. Since there is no slab, there is no way to understand whether it is a ditch or a hole. There is a 10 feet wide ditch on the road without any kind of slab.

.A ditch at the bottom of the road, about 10 feet wide. Another drain is found inside it, which is also 8 to 10 feet wide. Probably 50-60 years ago when the road was being raised, another drain was made by leaving that drain unplanned.
The previous ditch is full of garbage. There are at least three tons of garbage there. Despite many attempts, the diver could not get there. It turned again towards the Karnafuli river to the south. Then with the help of two cranes we lift the slab of that drain and remove about a ton of garbage. Then in that previous ditch, at least 60 feet deep from the road, there is stuck in the garbage. In all, after about four hours of trying, we recovered the body.

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