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The biggest ever video-game project about the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh

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‘Sheikh Games’, a new game development organization in Bangladesh is working to make the biggest game ever made about 1971. The game will be a first-person shooter, released for PC and consoles; and the aim is to make one of the greatest games ever with this glorious historic event, a war like no other war in history. This project will be a significant boost for the gaming community of Bangladesh, and will help achieve ground-breaking technological advancement, especially in the field of game development in the country.

Initiated in the fiftieth anniversary year of our freedom and on ‘100 Years of Mujib’, the main goal of this game is to communicate our history of freedom to the whole world through the universe of video games. The story of sacrifice and glory of 1971 is not widely known to the international gaming community and deserves to be told. The game is targeted for both international and Bangladeshi gamers. At this moment, only basic information is disclosed (for the sake of the project), however more information will be coming on the developer’s website

“We have big plans in order to make this game a ‘huge success’ globally and nationally, but for the sake of the project we cannot reveal them yet”, says Sheikh Sadab Alam, the co-founder of Sheikh Games.

Reportedly, there are one and half billion PC gamers worldwide, so the game will not only share the tale of courage and patriotism of the people of Bangladesh, but will also be able to bring a massive amount of foreign currency to our country, as well as contributing to technological expansion in the era of Digital Bangladesh.

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