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The beautiful Bangabandhu Tunnel in South Chattogram

Md. Nesar Ahammed: The beautiful ‘Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel’ or Karnafuli Tunnel is being constructed from the bottom of Karnafuli river. Excavation of the second tube in the tunnel was completed on Friday (October 6).

.Construction of economic zone, deep seaport and power plant from Dakshinpar of Karnafuli to Cox’s Bazar is progressing fast. Mu, Lat these activities are going on around the tunnel. Everyone is now waiting to take advantage of the versatility of the tunnel. .With the construction of this tunnel, the tourism industry of Chattogram-Cox’s Bazar will develop. Vehicles going to Cox’s Bazar and South Chattogram from different parts of the country, including Dhaka, will no longer have to enter the city once the traffic in the tunnel starts. City Outer Ling Road in Chattogram will be able to reach the destination quickly through the tunnel.

As the first tunnel in the country, the Karnafuli Tunnel has multifaceted economic and social significance. .It will not only build a communication network in the south-east of the country, it will also bring about an economic revolution, including in the industries and factories of South Chattogram.
The tunnel will play a key role in facilitating the communication of domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the three-dimensional beauty of mountains, sea and river including Cox’s Bazar, St. Martin’s and Bandarban among the major tourist areas of the country. .Once the construction of the tunnel is completed, vehicles will be able to travel at a speed of 60 km per hour with 4 lanes.

Besides, the development of the proposed industrial area on the eastern bank of the river Karnafuli will be accelerated. .Improved and easy communication system will be established with Chattogram city, Chattogram port and airport located on the west side. This will reduce travel time and cost.Transportation of raw materials, finished goods to Chattogram port, airport and north-western part of the country will be easier. The tunnel is being built to carry forward six important goals, including the connection with the proposed Asian Highway through Myanmar.

.Although the construction of Karnafuli tunnel is planned to be completed by 2022, the second mouth of Karnafuli tunnel is also being opened at midnight on October 6. But we have to wait a few more days for the car to move. This was stated by Planning Minister MA Mannan at a press conference after the meeting of the National Economic Council.

According to the people involved in the project, ‘One City to Town’ is being developed in Chattogram, a port city like Shanghai City, China. Once the construction of the tunnel under the Karnafuli river is completed, another new city will be built in the Anwara-Karnafuli area on the other side of the river along with the Chattogram metropolis. The infrastructure of this new city is being built one after another.

.A tube has been fully laid from Patenga end of Chattogram city to Anwara on the other side of Karnafuli river. The work of installing the second tube has also been completed. The construction work of Pichdhala road is going on through the tube placed on the other side. A four-lane road will be constructed in two tubes of this tunnel. One tube road will run from Anwara to Patenga and the other tube will run from Patenga to Anwara.

.According to the Bangabandhu Tunnel Project, new economic possibilities are going to be opened in the port city of Chattogram around the tunnel. In addition, it will signal a revolutionary change in the communication system of the region.5.35 km connecting road is being constructed at the end of Patenga and Anwara with the main tunnel. The connecting road and the road inside the tunnel will have a total of 4 lanes. One-way tunnel will be a two-lane road.

Starting from the Naval Academy on the outskirts of Chattogram city, the tunnel will reach the southern end of the river between the CUFL (Chattogram Urea Fertilizer Limited) and Kafco (Karnafuli Fertilizer Limited) factories on the south bank of the river. The Karnafuli tunnel will be located 150 feet deep in the middle of the Karnafuli river.

On 14 October 2016, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and President of China Xi Jinping laid the foundation stone of the project. The construction of the tunnel started on February 24, 2019. .For the people of Bangladesh, the Karnafuli Tunnel is a dream mega project like the Padma Bridge or the Metrorail.The realization of this dream is possible only with the welfare of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.The construction of this tunnel will connect the two banks of the river Karnafuli. .The Dhaka-Chattogram-Cox’s Bazar highway will be connected through this tunnel.

The total length of Karnafuli tunnel is 3.43 km. The cost of construction of this tunnel has been estimated at Tk 10,374 crore. Of this, the Bangladesh government is giving Tk 4,461 crore. The Chinese government is giving the remain

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