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The Asia Cup will be held in the United Arab Emirates

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After much speculation, the official decision finally came. The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has announced that the Asia Cup will be held in the United Arab Emirates. This year’s Asia Cup will begin on August 27 and start on September 11.

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has informed that the game will not be played in their country even though Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) is the host. The Asia Cup matches organized by Sri Lanka will be held in the UAE. This decision was taken unanimously in the ACC meeting.

In the press release, ACC chief Jai Shah said, ‘All efforts have been made to organize the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka. But in the end it had to be changed to Emirates. Although the game will be played in the Emirates, Sri Lanka will be the host. This Asia Cup is very important for the World Cup preparation of Asian countries. I thank the Sri Lankan Cricket Board and the Emirates Cricket Board for their cooperation.’

Accepting the decision of the ACC, Sri Lankan Cricket Board President Shammi Silva said, ‘We were waiting to invite our neighboring countries to Sri Lanka. But I support the decision of ACC. The Sri Lankan Cricket Board will complete the arrangement with the ACC and the Emirates Cricket Board.

The five Test playing nations of Asia Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan will directly participate in the Asia Cup. The remaining one team will join after qualifying. Before the main event, UAE, Nepal, Hong Kong will be the qualifiers.

Bangladesh was the host in three of the last four editions of the Asia Cup. In 2012, Pakistan tasted the title by defeating Bangladesh by 2 runs in the country of red-green representatives. Sri Lanka and Pakistan played in the final in the next edition in 2014. Lankans are champions of service. They won the final by 5 wickets. Bangladesh also reached the finals of the 2016 Asia Cup; But unfortunately the red-green representatives had to lose against India by 8 wickets.

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