August 7, 2022, 6:21 pm

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The Afghan government is preparing to hand over power to the Taliban

International Desk :

Afghan Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mizakwal has said power will be handed over peacefully to the interim government. He made the remarks after the Taliban laid siege to Kabul on Sunday.

The Afghan defense minister told local Tolo TV that the Taliban would not attack Kabul. “The Afghan people have nothing to worry about,” he said. There will be no attacks on the city and power will be handed over peacefully to the interim government.

The Associated Press quoted an Afghan official as saying that Taliban mediators were heading to Afghanistan’s presidential palace to prepare for the transfer of power.

Earlier, the Taliban said it had instructed its fighters to wait at various entrances to Kabul.

Many people began fleeing the city on the news that the Taliban were heading for Kabul. This caused long traffic jams on some roads.

According to the BBC, the Taliban have instructed fighters to avoid violence at city entrances. Anyone who wants to leave the city is asked to leave safely.

According to a Reuters report, many people are leaving their cars and walking to the airport.

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