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The administration has normalized the flow of river water by cutting the dam in Sunamganj

Dulal Mia, Sunamganj: The water flow of the river has been normalized by breaking the embankment on the Noa river which flows by the side of Dararapar village in Dakshin Khurma union of Chhatak upazila of Sunamganj district. Following a request from the villagers, Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Islam Uddin cut the dam and normalized the flow of water with the help of villagers on Monday afternoon.

Long ago, the villagers built a dam on the river Noah adjacent to the village of Dararapar to facilitate easy travel on both banks. The construction of the dam has caused various problems including irrigation of water in the crop lands. With the initiative of the administration to cut the dam and normalize the course of the river, relief came back to the common people in the village.

It is learned that the river Noah flows past the village of Dararapar in Dakshin Khurma Union of the upazila. About 8 km The happiness and sorrows of the people of several nearby villages, including Dararapar, surround this small river, which is long and about one hundred and fifty feet wide. River water has been used for farming and fishing here for centuries. Due to the occupation of some influential rivers due to the influence of time, its navigability and breadth have become less and less and this river has become almost a canal. In the dry season, the river dries up and the river is almost dead.

At one stage, when the width of the river decreased, the people of the village filled the banks of the river with soil and built dams to facilitate easy travel on both sides of the river. This causes waterlogging on one side of the dam and water vacuum on the upper side. As a result of the construction of the dam, the people of the village have been suffering for a long time.

The matter came to the notice of the administration when the villagers recently filed a written application with the Assistant Commissioner (Land) for cutting the dam and creating normal flow of river water. In response to the request, the people of the administration came to the spot on Monday and cut the dam of Noah river and normalized the flow of the river, bringing relief to the villagers. The villagers cooperated with the administration to cut the dam. The villagers also demanded the construction of a culvert on the river at the part of the dam for easy access on both sides.

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