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The ACC accused Abul Khan’s nephew son Elusive, hundi counterfeit yaba karbari that ruble jail!

Tahirpur (Sunamganj) Representative : The court sent Rafatul Islam Rubel to jail for stealing and selling expensive brand motorcycles on the other side of the Bangladesh-India border.
Rubel is the son of Abdul Mannan alias Mona, a village doctor of Kalagaon village on Kalagaon border in Sreepur Uor union of Tahirpur upazila of Sunamganj and brother of Rafiqul alias Kala Rafiq, a well-known drug, hundi and arms smuggler.

According to police, Rafatul Islam Rubel, a notorious accused in a motorcycle theft case filed with Tahirpur Police Station (October 29), appeared in Sunamganj wise court on Thursday (November 18) after being in hiding for a long time and was sent to jail.

According to the case sources, Mostafa alias Golam Mostafa alias Tera Mostafa, son of Mirash Ali of Dudher Auta village in Baliaghat border of Sreepur Uor Union of the upazila is accused in the same case but he is still missing from the police station due to invisible force.

It is rumored in the whole district that a freedom fighter, teacher’s family as well as a talented teenage son of a journalist working for the country’s top national daily was arrested at Tekerghat Limestone Mine Secondary School and College on the border of Tahirpur upazila.

Boxer’s son Jamal Uddin alias Jamal, a member of the motorcycle thieves’ gang accused in other top drug, coal, arms smuggling, women torture and robbery cases, was used as the first step in setting a trap for the gang.

Irregularities, bribery, terrorism, extortion on waterways, coal theft, theft of sand from the magic river, smuggling of border rhymes, smuggling of borders, beating of school teachers, three members of a gang in Mangalkata of Sadar upazila Mustafa,

Rubel, Jamal Dakat, several members of a gang of teenagers who were recently jailed under the Digital Security Act and some of their very enthusiastic guardians of the Jamaat-BNP clan. Accused Dulal Gang’s journalist’s school-going teenage son was brought to the field to carry out the framed case.

Abul Kalam Khan Parul, Abul Kalam Khan Parul, Abul Bashar Khan Nayan’s own cousin and even their driver and bodyguard Mostafa alias Golam Mostafa alias Tera Mostafa are the cousins of Abul Hossain Khan’s nephew Abul Hossain Khan.

Tahirpur police OC said on Sunday. Abdul Latif Tarafdar said that Rubel would be remanded soon and an attempt would be made to find out the details of the theft of the arranged motorcycle. The OC said police efforts to arrest the fugitive Mostafa were continuing.

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