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The 39-year-old model used to party with Shah Rukh’s son with money

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Model Munmun Dhamechar is in the custody of the Narcotics Control Department (NCB) along with Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in a drug case. There are allegations that he hid drugs in sanitary napkins. This model went to that party of pleasure boat in exchange of money.

His lawyer Ali Kasib Khan said this in a recent interview, Anandabazar newspaper reported.

Ali claims that, like Aryan-Arbaaz, Moonmoon was not ready to go to the Goa-bound pleasure boat. He didn’t even have a ticket. According to the investigation, a man named Balaram had bought Munmun’s ticket. He also rented a room in his name.

In the words of the lawyer, ‘Moonmoon is a model by profession. He was called to take the party to the spotlight. He was told he would be paid in return. ‘

Moonmoon, 39, lives in a small town called Sagar in Madhya Pradesh. Daughter of a business family. Moonmoon’s mother passed away last year. Dad lives apart. Moonmoon currently lives with his grandfather who works in Delhi. However, this model daughter is having an affair with several big stars of Mumbai.

The lawyer claimed that he would go to Mumbai only if he was called for work. Before going to the party, Moonmoon did not talk to Aryan or Arbaaz.
Ali Khan’s question was that there were two more with Moonmoon when he got drugs. If so, why did the NCB only catch Munmun?

Ali Khan said, ‘Moonmoon was very happy to have the opportunity to go to the big party. When he reached there, he made a video call to his grandfather and informed him about it. It is understood that he did not hide anything from his family. ‘

Talking to Moonmoon, Ali shared all the ‘information’ he had learned in the interview. Outside the pleasure boat was written, ‘Drugs are forbidden’. When Moonmoon was boarding the pleasure boat, they were searched. Nothing was found with him then. But at around 5:30 pm, I went to the rented room in my own name with another girl and Moonmoon. Within two or three minutes, the NCB entered. Moonmoon told his lawyer that a packet of drugs was found on the floor of the house.

Ali Khan’s question is that Balaram and another young woman were with him when he got drugs in Munmun’s house. If so, why did the NCB only catch Munmun? They may also have packets of drugs lying at home. But only Moonmoon was detained for questioning. The lawyer said Moonmoon asked me in tears, ‘Why me alone?

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